Chiayi Municipal Museum

The Chiayi Municipal Museum (traditional Chinese: 嘉義市立博物館; simplified Chinese: 嘉义市立博物馆; pinyin: Jiāyì Shìlì Bówùguǎn) is a museum in East District, Chiayi City, Taiwan.

Chiayi Municipal Museum
嘉義市立博物館 Chiayi Municipal Museum - panoramio.jpg
Established9 March 2004
LocationEast, Chiayi City, Taiwan
Coordinates23°29′13″N 120°27′05″E / 23.48694°N 120.45139°E / 23.48694; 120.45139Coordinates: 23°29′13″N 120°27′05″E / 23.48694°N 120.45139°E / 23.48694; 120.45139
Public transit accessBeimen Station
WebsiteOfficial website (in Chinese)


The founding of the museum was a collective community effort in the hope to establish a cultural public space for all of the residents of Chiayi City. Among its displays are silk wrappings used to cover Tibetan Buddhist texts and an Islamic jade collection of the Qing emperors.[1]


The museum has the following galleries:[2]


The museum offers courses and workshops in calligraphy, brush ink painting, paper mache, illustration, ikebana with a Taiwanese touch etc.[3]


The museum is accessible within walking distance west from Beimen Station of the Alishan Forest Railway.[4]

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