Chiayi Cheng Huang Temple

Chiayi Cheng Huang Temple (Chinese: 嘉義城隍廟) is a Chinese temple dedicated to the City God or Cheng Huang Ye (Chinese: 城隍爺) which is located in East District, Chiayi City, Taiwan. The temple was founded in 1715, it is one of the oldest and prominent temples in the region.

Chiayi Cheng Huang Temple
Chiayi Cheng Huang tempel.jpg
LocationEast District, Chiayi City, Taiwan
Chiayi Cheng Huang Temple is located in Chiayi City
Chiayi Cheng Huang Temple
Location in Chiayi City
Geographic coordinates23°28′42.2″N 120°27′14.4″E / 23.478389°N 120.454000°E / 23.478389; 120.454000Coordinates: 23°28′42.2″N 120°27′14.4″E / 23.478389°N 120.454000°E / 23.478389; 120.454000

The temple applied for national monument status in 2011, but was not listed at the time.[1] Another application was submitted to the Bureau of Cultural Heritage and approved in April 2015.[2]

The temple offers an educational fund and charity programs.[3][4] The first cangue processions held at the temple in six decades started in 2014.[5]


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