Chi Lăng Stadium (Vietnamese: Sân vận động Chi Lăng) was a multi-purpose stadium in Đà Nẵng, Vietnam.

Chi Lăng Stadium
LocationĐà Nẵng, Vietnam
Coordinates16°04′11″N 108°12′59″E / 16.069609°N 108.216475°E / 16.069609; 108.216475
SHB Đà Nẵng 1976–2016
2016 Asian Beach Games opening and closing ceremonies

Built on the banks of the Hàn River in 1954, the stadium played host to a number of memorable games, most notably Vietnam's 3–2 win over China at the 2000 AFC U-17 Championship, featuring goals from future star Phạm Văn Quyến.[1]

The stadium was also used for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2016 Asian Beach Games.

The stadium was the home stadium of SHB Đà Nẵng of the V-League until 2016, when the club moved to the Hòa Xuân Stadium. The stadium was to be demolished in early 2018 to make way for two 33-story apartment complexes,[2] but that effectively never happened and as of today, the stadium lies in an abandoned state, with trees growing in the stands.[3]

Outside the stadium
In a match


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