Chersky Range (Transbaikalia)

The Chersky Range (Russian: Хребет Черского) is a mountain range in the Transbaikal Region (Zabaykalsky Krai) of Siberia, Russia. The range rises east of the city of Chita. It is named after explorer Jan Czerski and was formerly known as "Alentuy Range".[2]

Chersky Range
Хребет Черского
The Sukhotino rocks rising above the Ingoda River
Highest point
PeakGolets Chingikhan
Elevation1,644 m (5,394 ft)[1]
Coordinates52°46′43″N 114°29′14″E / 52.77861°N 114.48722°E / 52.77861; 114.48722
Length650 km (400 mi) NE/SW
Width50 km (31 mi) SE/NW
Chersky Range (Transbaikalia) is located in Zabaykalsky Krai
Chersky Range (Transbaikalia)
Location in the Transbaikal region
KraiZabaykalsky Krai
Range coordinates52°10′N 113°50′E / 52.167°N 113.833°E / 52.167; 113.833
Parent rangeSouth Siberian System
Age of rockPrecambrian, Mesozoic
Type of rockgranite

Geography edit

The Chersky Range is part of the South Siberian System. It rises in the central part of the Transbaikal region of Russia, stretching in a northeast/southwest direction for roughly 650 meters (2,130 ft) between the left bank of the Chilka River and the valley of the Delingde River —a right tributary of the Vitim River of the Lena River basin. The Ingoda River breaks through the ridge in its central part, along the valley through which a section of the Trans-Siberian Railway crosses the range.

The relief of the range is characterized by smooth slopes. River Karenga, another tributary of the Vitim, separates the Chersky Range from the Yablonoi Mountains, which run roughly parallel to it. The highest point of the range is 1,644 meters (5,394 ft) high Golets Chingikhan (Голец Чингикан), a ‘’golets’’-type of mountain with a bald peak, located in the central part.[2][3]

Flora edit

The slopes of the range are mainly covered with mountain pine and larch taiga, as well as fir, spruce, dwarf birch and Siberian pine in the deep mountain valleys and on the northern sides.[2]

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