Chen Wangdao

Chen Wangdao (Chinese: 陳望道; pinyin: Chén Wàngdào; Wade–Giles: Ch'en Wang-tao) (1891–1977) was a Chinese scholar and educator. He is recognized as the first and only person to translate the Communist Manifesto into Chinese completely so far.[1] He also served as president of Fudan University from 1949 to 1977.

Chen Wangdao
Chen Wangdao
Chen Wangdao
Born(1891-01-18)18 January 1891
Yiwu, Zhejiang, Qing dynasty
Died12 October 1977(1977-10-12) (aged 86)
Occupationscholar, writer, educator

Chen was born Mingrong (明融) in 1891, while Wangdao is his courtesy name.[2] Beginning in 1915, he studied at Waseda University, Toyo University and Chuo University successively. He eventually obtained his Bachelor of Laws at Chuo University. The experience in Japan brought him into contact with communist ideas.[3]

Chen returned to China as the May Fourth Movement began. He found a job teaching Chinese literature at then Chekiang Provincial No.1 Normal School. Meantime, Chen spread the New Culture with colleagues whose passions coincided with his own. The authority[who?] decided to dismiss them for that method. Despite students' agitation against the order, he was obliged to return to his hometown in 1920.

Thereafter, he assented to the request of Dai Jitao to translate the Communist Manifesto. Dai provided a translation in Japanese. Besides, Li Dazhao also provided its English version.

Later, he set up a group on the communist campaign in Shanghai, together with Chen Duxiu, Li Hanjun et al. He became a member of the CPC, after it was established in 1921. He was at odds with Chen Duxiu soon. Thus, he left the party in 1922. He rejoined the party in 1957.[4]


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