Toyo University

Toyo University (東洋大学, Tōyō Daigaku) is a university with several branches in Japan, including Hakusan, Asaka, Kawagoe, Itakura, and Akabane.

Toyo University
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MottoProtection of Country and Love of Truth (護國愛理)
The basis of all learning lies in philosophy (諸学の基礎は哲学にあり)
Established1887 (135 years ago)
Presidentdr. Etsuko Yaguchi
CampusTwo urban, three suburban, and one satellite campuses
Toyo University, Hakusan Campus


The predecessor to Toyo University was Shiritsu Tetsugakukan (私立哲学館), which was founded at Rinsho-in Temple by Enryo Inoue in 1887. Inoue felt that the subject of philosophy was neglected in Japanese schools of higher learning at the time.[1] In 1906, the school was moved to its present site (Hakusan Campus) and its name was changed to Toyo University. The school's motto was "Protection of Country and Love of Truth"(護國愛理).[2]

Originally, courses were offered in philosophy, religion, ethics, education, Japanese, and classical Chinese, and the school continued to expand over time. In 1949, there was a substantial restructuring of the university, and faculties of Literature, Economics, Law, Sociology, Engineering and Business Administration were established. Each of these faculties has a graduate program. Faculties of Regional Development Studies and Life Sciences were added in April, 1997. A law school was created in April 2004, and the Kawagoe campus hosts a Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre[3] founded in 2003. Among those conducting research at this facility was Nobel Laureate Sir Harold Kroto (7 October 1939 – 30 April 2016). Toyo University [4] consists of eleven graduate schools, one postgraduate law faculty, eleven undergraduate faculties, forty four departments, various research institutes, and five affiliated high schools, serving a combined student body of more than 30,000 students.


  • Hakusan Campus (5-28-20 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)
  • Akabane Campus (1-7-12 Akabane, Kita-ku, Tokyo)
  • Asaka Campus (48-1 Oka, Asaka-shi, Saitama)
  • Kawagoe Campus (2100 Kujirai, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama)
  • Itakura Campus (1-1-1 Izumino, Itakura-machi, Ora-gun, Gunma)
  • Otemachi Satellite Campus (1F, New Otemachi Building, 2-2-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
  • Sports Center (92-1 Shimizu-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo)


Faculties and DepartmentsEdit

  • Faculty of Letters
    • Department of Philosophy
    • Department of Eastern Philosophy and Culture
    • Department of Japanese Literature and Culture
    • Department of English and American Literature
    • Department of History
    • Department of Education
    • Department of International Culture and Communication Studies
  • Faculty of Economics
    • Department of Economics
    • Department of International Economics
    • Department of Policy Studies
  • Faculty of Business Administration
    • Department of Business Administration
    • Department of Marketing
    • Department of Accounting and Finance
  • Faculty of Law
    • Department of Law
    • Department of Business Law
  • Faculty of Sociology
    • Department of Sociology
    • Department of Sociocultural Studies
    • Department of Social Welfare
    • Department of Media and Communications
    • Department of Social Psychology
  • Faculty of Global and Regional
    • Department of Global Innovation Studies
    • Department of Regional Development Studies
  • Faculty of International Tourism Management
    • Department of International Tourism Management
  • Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design
  • Faculty of Human Life Design
    • Department of Human Care and Support
    • Department of Health Care and Sports
    • Department of Human Environment Design
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering
    • Department of Mechanical
    • Department of Biomedical Engineering
    • Department of Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering
    • Department of Applied Chemistry
    • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Department of Architecture
  • Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts
  • Faculty of Life Sciences
    • Department of Life Sciences
    • Department of Applied Biosciences
  • Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences
    • Department of Food and Life Sciences
    • Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences


Toyo University is ranked within the top 73th in the Japan by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022.

Japan University RankingsEdit

 THE(2022) 73[5]

 QS (2019) 71-75[6]

Asian University RankingsEdit

 THE(2022) 501+[7]

 QS (2022) 401-450[8]

World University RankingsEdit

 THE(2022) 1201+[9]

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