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Chef's Story is a 26-Part Public Television series featuring Dorothy Cann Hamilton interviewing well known chefs and restaurateurs. Hamilton, founder and CEO of The French Culinary Institute, conducts the interviews in front of culinary students in the first half of each episode.[1] Each chef then moves into a kitchen in the second half and prepares a dish that they consider signature or instructive. The FCI's International Culinary Theater acts as the host for each episode.[2]

Inspired by Inside the Actors Studio, interviews focus on each guest's growth as a chef and the philosophy they bring to their restaurants.

Chef's Story is produced by Soho Culinary Productions, Full Plate Media, and Lemnos Development and debuted on public television stations in April 2007.[3] A companion book compiled by Dorothy Hamilton and Patric Kuh was also published by Harper Collins.[4]

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