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Charles Plummer

Charles Plummer (1851 – 1927) was an English historian, best known for editing Sir John Fortescue's The Governance of England, and for coining the term 'bastard feudalism'.

Plummer was an editor of Bede, and also edited numerous Irish and Hiberno-Latin texts, including the two volume Vitae Sanctorum Hiberniae (1910), a modern companion volume to which is Richard Sharpe's Medieval Irish saints' lives: an introduction to Vitae Sanctorum Hiberniae (Oxford, Clarendon 1991).

Plummer edited John Earle's Two of the Saxon Chronicles Parallel (1865), producing a Revised Text with notes, appendices, and glossary in 1892. This work presented the A and E texts of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

Plummer delivered the Ford Lectures at Oxford University in 1901.

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