Charade (1984 film)

Charade is a 1984 Canadian animated film directed by John Minnis.[2] The film won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film[3] at the 57th Academy Awards.[4] The film was animated by Minnis with Pantone markers on paper, during a single three-month summer term at Sheridan College.[5]

Directed byJohn Minnis
Written byJohn Minnis
Produced byJohn Minnis[1]
StarringSee below
Distributed byMichael Mills Productions
Release date
April 10, 1984
Running time
5 minutes


In front of a witless audience, a talented but unlucky gentleman competes in a game of charades against a savant who puts no effort to it and yet the audience still gets his right.[6][7]


  • John Minnis as Father, Beatrice, etc. (voice)

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