Genie Award for Best Theatrical Short Film

The Genie Award for Best Theatrical Short Film was a Canadian film award, historically presented by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television through its Genie Awards program to a film judged as the year's best short film.[1] The award has been inclusive of short films in the live action drama, animated and documentary genres.

Originally presented by the Canadian Film Awards from their creation in 1949, the award was presented annually until 1964 with the exceptions of 1955, when an honourable mention was given but no formal winner was named, and 1957, when the award was not presented. The award was then not presented in 1965, 1966 or 1967.

Beginning in 1968, the Canadian Film Awards instituted separate award categories for "Film Over 30 Minutes" and "Film Under 30 Minutes". This continued for three years until 1971, when the single award for Best Theatrical Short was reinstituted. Except for 1974, when the Canadian Film Awards were entirely cancelled, the award was presented continuously thereafter until the Canadian Film Awards evolved into the Genie Awards in 1980, and continued to be presented in the early years of the Genie Awards.

After 1985, however, the Academy's presentation of the award varied from year to year, with a single award for Best Theatrical Short presented in some years, while separate awards for Best Live Action Short Drama, Best Animated Short and Best Short Documentary were presented in others. This variability continued until the 17th Genie Awards in 1996; since then, the separate genre categories have been consistently presented at all subsequent Genie or Canadian Screen Award ceremonies, and the Best Theatrical Short category is no longer in use.


Year Film Nominees
1st Canadian Film Awards
Who Will Teach Your Child? Stanley Jackson
Canadian Cameo Series Bernard Norrish


Year Film Nominees
2nd Canadian Film Awards
North Shore (La Terre de Cain) James Beveridge
Summer Is for Kids Stanley Jackson
3rd Canadian Film Awards
After Prison, What? Ron Weyman
4th Canadian Film Awards
Opera School Gudrun Parker
The Fruitful Earth Bernard Norrish
Man in the Peace Tower Roger Blais
Struggle for Oil Ronald Dick
5th Canadian Film Awards
The Bird Fancier (L'Homme aux oiseaux) Bernard Devlin, Jean Palardy
Canine Crimebusters Bernard Norrish
Citizen Varek Gordon Burwash
Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine Jean Palardy
The Roaring Game Bernard Norrish
6th Canadian Film Awards
Farewell Oak Street Grant McLean
Danish Seining Herman Noelle
The Settler (L'Abatis) Bernard Devlin
7th Canadian Film Awards
High Tide in Newfoundland Grant McLean
Honourable mention only; no official winner named
8th Canadian Film Awards
Gold Colin Low
Jolifou Inn Colin Low
The Shepherd Julian Biggs
9th Canadian Film Awards
No award presented
10th Canadian Film Awards
The Sceptre and the Mace John Howe
11th Canadian Film Awards
Money Minters Ted De Wit
The Quest Nicholas Balla, Stanley Jackson
The Tall Country Lew Parry, Osmond Borradaile


Year Film Nominees
12th Canadian Film Awards
Royal River Gordon Sparling
13th Canadian Film Awards
Universe Tom Daly, Colin Low, Roman Kroitor
14th Canadian Film Awards
Morning on the Lièvre David Bairstow, Guy Glover
15th Canadian Film Awards
Nahanni Donald Wilder
16th Canadian Film Awards
Anniversary William Weintraub
17th Canadian Film Awards
No award presented
18th Canadian Film Awards
No award presented
19th Canadian Film Awards
No award presented
20th Canadian Film Awards
Film Over 30 Minutes
Do Not Fold, Staple, Spindle or Mutilate John Howe
Film Under 30 Minutes
This Is No Time for Romance (Ça n'est pas le temps des romans) Fernand Dansereau
21st Canadian Film Awards
Film Over 30 Minutes
Vertige Gilles Boivin, Clément Perron
And No Birds Sing John Thomson
Hey, Cinderella! John T. Ross, Peter Miner
Film Under 30 Minutes
At Home Martin Lavut


Year Film Nominees
22nd Canadian Film Awards
Film Over 30 Minutes
A Matter of Fat William Weintraub
Film Under 30 Minutes
Blake Bill Mason
23rd Canadian Film Awards
Don't Knock the Ox Tony Ianzelo
24th Canadian Film Awards
This Is a Photograph Albert Kish
25th Canadian Film Awards
Goodbye Sousa Tony Ianzelo
No award presented
26th Canadian Film Awards
Along These Lines Isabel Ripley, Patrick Watson, Peter Pearson
27th Canadian Film Awards
Cooperage Phillip Borsos
28th Canadian Film Awards
Spartree Phillip Borsos
29th Canadian Film Awards
The Bronswik Affair (L'Affaire Bronswik) Robert Awad, André Leduc


Year Film Nominees
1st Genie Awards
Nails Phillip Borsos
Twice Upon a Time... Giles Walker
Track Stars: The Unseen Heroes of Movie Sound Terry Burke
2nd Genie Awards
The Strongest Man in the World Halya Kuchmij
Heavy Horse Pull Roberta King, Ronald Squire
History of the World in Three Minutes Flat Michael Mills
3rd Genie Awards
Zea André Leduc, Robert Forget, Jean-Jacques Leduc
Top Priority Ishu Patel
Voyage de Nuit Roger Frappier, Carole Mondello
4th Genie Awards
Elvis Gratton Pierre Falardeau, Julien Poulin
Footsteps Scott Barrie
Le Toasteur Michel Bouchard
The Only Game in Town David Fine, Ron Mann
5th Genie Awards
Ted Baryluk's Grocery Michael Scott, Wolf Koenig
Brushstrokes Sylvie Fefer
Snow Stephen Zoller, Tibor Takács
6th Genie Awards
Charade John Minnis
I Think of You Often Scott Barrie
Productivity and Performance by Alex K. Nicolas Stiliadis, Syd Cappe
La Terrapène Michel Bouchard, Jacques Pettigrew
7th Genie Awards
No award presented; see separate genre lists.
8th Genie Awards
No award presented; see separate genre lists.
9th Genie Awards
George and Rosemary David Fine and Alison Snowden
Fashion 99 Karen Firus
Future Block Kevin McCracken
10th Genie Awards
No award presented; see separate genre lists.


Year Nominee Film
11th Genie Awards
No award presented; see separate genre lists.
12th Genie Awards
Saeed Mehra Meh
Edsville James O'Regan
Man Descending Raymond Lorenz, Neil Grieve
The Night of the Visitor (La Nuit du visiteur) René Gueissaz
The Star Turn Donald Booth
13th Genie Awards
No award presented; see separate genre lists.
14th Genie Awards
No award presented; see separate genre lists.
15th Genie Awards
Arrowhead Emmet Sheil, Peter Lynch
Bob's Birthday David Fine, Alison Snowden
Collateral Damage Leonard Farlinger, Pamela Davenport
Save My Lost Nigga Soul Damon D'Oliveira, Clement Virgo
Without Rockets Keith Tomasek, Gary Yates
16th Genie Awards
Magical Flowers (Les fleurs magiques) Jean-Marc Vallée
Movements of the Body - 1st Movement: The Gesture Wayne Traudt
Off Key Karethe Linaae, Wade Ferley
The End of the World in Four Seasons Marcy Page, Paul Driessen
You Love Me I Hate You Myra Fried, Rosamund Owen
17th Genie Awards
The Home for Blind Women Sandra Kybartas
Curtains Mark Morgenstern, Stephanie Morgenstern
The Feeler Colleen Murphy, Elizabeth Yake


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