Chandragiri Fort, Kerala

Chandragiri Fort (Malayalam: ചന്ദ്രഗിരി കോട്ട ) is a fort built in the 17th century, situated in Kasaragod District of Kerala, South India. This large squarish fort is 150 feet (46 m) above sea level and occupies an area of about seven acres[1] adjacent to Chandragiri river. The fort is now in ruins.

Chandrigiri fort Melparamba kasaragod, after renovation 2020
Chandrigiri fort melparamba, kasaragod kerala

Chandragiri Fort
ചന്ദ്രഗിരി കോട്ട
Chandragiri Fort in Kasargod, Kerala
Chandragiri Fort in Kasargod, Kerala
Chandragiri Fort is located in Kerala
Chandragiri Fort
Chandragiri Fort
Chandragiri Fort is located in India
Chandragiri Fort
Chandragiri Fort
Coordinates: 12°28′01″N 75°00′12″E / 12.466946°N 75.003248°E / 12.466946; 75.003248
Country India
DistrictKasargod District
RegionNorth Malabar (Kolathnadu)
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
A structure in the Chandragiri Fort
Entrance of Chandragiri Fort
Chandragiri Fort

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Coordinates: 12°28′12″N 75°00′11″E / 12.470°N 75.003°E / 12.470; 75.003