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Ché OVNI is a 1968 Argentine science-fiction musical comedy film directed by Aníbal Uset and starring Juan Carlos Altavista, Javier Portales, Jorge Sobral, and Marcela López Rey.[1][2][3]

Che OVNI film poster.jpg
Ché OVNI theatrical poster
Directed byAníbal Uset
Produced byDelfor María Beccaglia
Written byAugusto Giustozzi
Aníbal Uset
Music byÓscar López Ruiz
Sergio Mihanovich
CinematographyIgnacio Souto
Edited byJacinto Cascales
Miguel Ángel Muñoz Cabrera
Distributed byArtistas Argentinos Asociados
Release date
  • August 7, 1968 (1968-08-07) (Argentine theatrical)
Running time
85 minutes


Ché OVNI was only the second space film to be made in Argentina, after El Satelite Chiflado (The Crazy Satellite).[4] The film is about alien invaders who abduct a tango-singer.[4][5] OVNI means "UFO"; a newspaper article from the Cine Herald, July 17, 1968, depicted a cartoon Martian landing in the capital of Spain" a part of the promotion to the film.[6]


An alien envoy arrives on Earth to kidnap a porteño tango singer and she is taken to planet where there is no live. She and other aliens of the planet wish to feel love again and the computers inform her that she is well-suited to trying to accomplish this, and results in a series of tango performances. The aliens fall in love with the tango singer Jorge (Jorge Sobral).

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Shot on locations in London, Paris, Madrid and Buenos Aires, the film was considered "one of the most thunderous commercial failures" in Argentine film.[7] However, Augusto R. Giustozzi said that Jorge Sobral "excelled" in his role.[8]


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