Cerocahui is a town in the Urique Municipality of Chihuahua, Mexico.

Church in Cerocahui
Church in Cerocahui
Cerocahui is located in Chihuahua
Cerocahui is located in Mexico
Coordinates: 27°17′52″N 108°03′19″W / 27.29778°N 108.05528°W / 27.29778; -108.05528
Country Mexico
State Chihuahua
MunicipalityUrique Municipality
 • Total1,167

History edit

Cerocahui was founded by a Jesuit missionary in 1680.[1]

It is well known for its local Jesuit church.[1] In June 2022 gunmen invaded the church after a local man tried to seek refuge inside the building. The assailants murdered a civilian man as well as two Jesuit priests.[2][3][4]

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