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A Central Military Commission or National Defense Commission is an organization typical of socialist one-party states espousing communism responsible for the ruling party's control of the nation's armed forces. In a way, its functions are similar to national security councils.

Examples of existing CMCs can be found for example in China, North Korea and Vietnam. In China and North Korea both CMCs are actually same and have equal power over the military. But in Vietnam only the party CMC controls the armed forces.

People's Republic of China

Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Socialist Republic of Vietnam

In rare cases, CMCs also for exists for a one-party state espousing anti-communism, as in the case for pre-1949 Republic of China--as the Kuomintang's party and military organizations are modeled from the USSR under the Soviet-educated Chiang Ching-kuo

  • National Military Council defunct Chinese KMT committee (disbanded in 1947 when the army was nationalized and is no longer belonged to the KMT)