Central–Eastern Oceanic languages

The over 200 Central–Eastern Oceanic languages form a branch of the Oceanic language family within the Austronesian languages.

Central–Eastern Oceanic
The Pacific
Linguistic classificationAustronesian
CE Oceanic.svg
The branches of CE Oceanic
    Dark red = Southeast Solomons
    Blue = Southern Oceanic
    Pink = Micronesian
    Ocher = Fijian-Polynesian (not shown: Rapa Nui)
The black oval between red and blue is the Temotu languages.


Traditional classifications have posited a Remote Oceanic branch within this family, but this was abandoned in Lynch et al. (2002), as no defining features could be found for such a group of languages.

In 2007 Ross & Næss moved the Utupua-Vanikoro languages from Central-Eastern to the newly established Temotu branch of Oceanic.

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