Celebrity MasterChef (Romanian TV series)

Celebrity MasterChef is a Romanian competitive cooking game show. It is spin-off of MasterChef România, itself an adaptation of the British show MasterChef, and features celebrity contestants. It began production in early 8 October 2013, and was broadcast on PRO TV on 22 October 2013.[1]

Celebrity MasterChef
Also known asCelebrity MasterChef România
Based onCelebrity MasterChef
Presented byRăzvan Fodor
JudgesCătălin Scărlătescu
Sorin Bontea
Florin Dumitrescu
Country of originRomania
Original languageRomanian
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes11
Running time120 minutes
Original release
NetworkPRO TV
Release22 October (2013-10-22) –
24 December 2013 (2013-12-24)



In contrast to its parent show, the celebrity version is based around a heats and semi-finals format similar to MasterChef Goes Large, and is aired only once a week in a two-hour format.

Celebrities are split into groups of three as they compete in a heat round featuring two challenges, with one celebrity making their way from each heat into the semi-finals. The heats consist of an Invention Test, in which they prepare a dish of their own concoction, and a Pressure Test, in which they must complete a dish from a professional chef. Due to the difficulty of these dishes contestants are given a single "lifeline" in which the chef is able to aid them for 90 seconds.

The six remaining celebrities will then face further challenges in order to secure their place in the final.



The series is judged by Florin Dumitrescu, Cătălin Scărlătescu and Sorin Bontea.[2]


Contestant Occupation Status
Elena Lasconi USR politician and journalist Winner 24 December[3]
Pacha Man Reggae singer Runner-Up 24 December[3]
Don Baxter [ro] Rapper Third Place 24 December[3]
Cătălin Josan [ro] Singer Eliminated 24 December[3]
Alex Dima Journalist Eliminated 23 December[4]
Gabriela Irimia The Cheeky Girls singer
Jojo Actress and singer
Laura Cosoi [ro] Model and actress
Șerban Copoț Animal X singer Eliminated 17 December[5]
Octavian Strunilă [ro] Actor
Gina Pistol [ro] Actress and model Eliminated 3 December[6]
Ioan Isaiu [ro] Actor
Monica Irimia The Cheeky Girls singer Eliminated 18 November[7]
Adrian Daminescu [ro] Singer Eliminated 12 November[8]
Carmen Șerban Singer-songwriter Eliminated 5 November[9]

TV ratings


The show's premier received 8.3 share,[10] which jumped to 17.8 in its second week.[11]


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