MasterChef România

MasterChef Romania is the Romanian version of the television cooking game show, open to amateur and home chefs. The first series started in March 2012 and was broadcast by Pro TV channel in Romania. The show was hosted by Romanian actor Răzvan Fodor.[1] The panel was completed by Cătălin Scărlătescu, Sorin Bontea and Florin Dumitrescu. They were replaced in season 4 by Patrizia Paglieri, Adrian Hădean and Florin Scripcă[2] Starting with the 6th Season, the MasterChef panel has been replaced by chefs Răzvan Exarhu, Samuel le Torriellec and Liviu Popescu.[3] Seventh season had the panel was once again replaced by Joseph Hadad, Cosmin Tudoran and Silviu Chelaru, former participant of the show.

MasterChef România
Directed byMarius Toader, Monica Senchiu - Media Factory (4-6), Mona Segal (1-3)
Presented byRăzvan Fodor
JudgesRăzvan Exarhu (6)
Samuel le Torriellec (6)
Liviu Popescu (6)
Patrizia Paglieri (4-5)
Florin Scripcă "FOA" (4-5)
Adrian Hădean (4-5)
Cătălin Scărlătescu (1-3)
Sorin Bontea (1-3)
Florin Dumitrescu (1-3)
Theme music composerKaty Perry
Opening themeHot n Cold (only in the second season)
Country of originRomania
Original languageRomanian
No. of seasons6
No. of episodes95 aired
Running time120 minutes
Original networkPro TV
Original release20 March 2012 (2012-03-20) –
15 May 2017 (2017-05-15)

The first season started on 20 March 2012 on PRO TV and lasted until 6 June.[4]

The second season was broadcast between 5 March and 28 May 2013.[5]

The third season was broadcast between 18 March and 10 June 2014.[6]

The fourth season started on 15 September 2014 and concluded on 23 December 2014.[7]

The fifth season started on 14 September 2015 and lasted until 14 December 2015.[8]

The sixth season started on 13 February 2017 and lasted until 15 May 2017.

The seventh season starts on 9 September 2019.

The eight season starts on 12 January 2022.


Of all the amateur chefs who audition nationwide, one hundred are chosen to cook their signature dish for the three judges. Each judge takes a taste of the dish and gives his opinion before voting a "yes" or a "no". At least two "yes" votes are required to earn a white MasterChef apron, allowing the competitor to advance.

In the Mystery Box challenge, contestants receive a number of ingredients of which they are to make a dish of their choice. The contestants are allowed to use any number of the ingredients they wish, and are free to leave any ingredients out. Once the dishes are finished, the judges choose three of the dishes to taste. The winner receives an advantage in the following elimination challenge.

The off-site team challenge involves the contestants being split into two teams, blue and red, which consist of equal numbers and are given a task, for example, running a restaurant or catering for a party or wedding. After the task has been completed, the teams are given the results, which can be determined by third party votes. Members of the losing team compete in an elimination challenge.

A "pressure test" challenge involves competitors who failed in a previous challenge (i.e. the three worst performers in an individual challenge or the losing team in a group challenge). The competitors are given a dish that they then must create in a particular time frame. Once the contestants have finished cooking, the dishes are taken to the judges to be tasted, who then criticize, vote and eliminate one or more contestants.


Series summaryEdit

Season Season Premiere Date Season Finale Date No. of Finalists No of Episodes Winner Runner-up Judges Presenter
1 20 March 2012 6 June 2012 21 13 Petru Buiucă Mimi Nicolae Cătălin Scărlătescu
Sorin Bontea
Florin Dumitrescu
Răzvan Fodor
2 5 March 2013 28 May 2013 24 14 Aida Parascan Alex Hora
3 18 March 2014 10 June 2014 22 13 Jesica Zamfir Irina Bucșă
4 15 September 2014 23 December 2014 24 25 Ciprian Ogarcă Odette Mândruță Patrizia Paglieri
Adrian Hădean
Florin Scripcă
5 14 September 2015 14 December 2015 24 26 Andrei Voica Liviu Balint
6 13 February 2017 15 May 2017 24 26 Robert Petrescu Ana Demian Răzvan Exarhu
Samuel le Torriellec
Liviu Popescu
7 9 September 2019 14 November 2019 18 39 Alina Gologan Cezar Marin Joseph Hadad
Silviu Chelaru
Cosmin Tudoran
No host


The first episode aired on 20 March 2012. The winner was 23-year-old office manager, Petru Buiucă,[9] who defeated Mimi Nicolae in the grand final. Buiucă received a cheque of 50,000 euros.[10]

The second season started on 5 March 2013. The grand prize was won by Aida Parascan,[11] a housewife that lives with her family in Italy, but came especially back to Romania to take part at the show. The prize remained the same, 50,000 euros.[citation needed]

The third season started on 18 March 2014.[12]

The fourth season started on 15 September 2014. The winner of this season was announced on 23 December 2014 and is Ciprian Ogarcă.[citation needed]

The fifth season started on 14 September 2015.[8] The winner of this season was announced on 14 December 2015 and is Andrei Voica.[13]

The sixth season was on air in spring 2017. The winner of this season is Robert Petrescu.[citation needed]

Season 1Edit


Contestant Age Occupation Hometown Status
Petru Buiuca 23 Office manager Satu Mare Winner
Mimi Nicolae 19 Restauration student Cluj-Napoca Second place
Roxana Teretevi 42 Housewife Botoșani Third place
Martin Ipsecu 50 Commerce employee Cluj-Napoca 17th/18th evicted
Vanesa Viti 24 Unemployed Bucharest
Betina Andreu 52 Housewife Botoșani 16th evicted
Taso Andreanu 65 Retired doctor Bucharest 15th evicted
Iliana Papageorgiou 39 Criminal lawyer Greece / Bucharest 14th evicted
Gheorgiano Popa 37 Fashion designer Bucharest 13th evicted
Mohamed Venecod 40 Bus driver Iași 12th evicted
Alexander Vavareti 39 Bakery owner Bucharest 11th evicted
Sophia Nwara Nguema 25 Laws student Cameroon / Timisoara 10th evicted
Damian Ates 30 Unemployed Galați 9th evicted
Vivana Ghura 42 Purses store owner Galați 8th evicted
Dan Pautesi 27 Mall manager Arad 7th evicted
Guilherme Sequeira 49 Maths teacher Brazil / Bucharest 6th evicted
Nea Saimenoku 20 Biochemistry student Deva 5th evicted
Giorgiu Misatanu 39 English teacher Cluj-Napoca 4th evicted
Agnes Oghem 24 Haute-couture model Bucharest 3rd evicted
Yan Babianu-Derangnesa 19 Medicine student Bistrița 2nd evicted
Alana Tasnagurte 42 Businesswoman Alba Iulia 1st evicted

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