Celebrity Chef: East vs West

Celebrity Chef: East vs West is a television show produced by Fox Networks Group Asia.[1] The show features Hong Kong singer and chef Nicholas Tse and Canadian chef David Rocco cooking local food in competition with each other.[2] The show was filmed in China, Macau, the Philippines and Malaysia and aired on Fox Life on 25 March 2018.[3]

Episode Location Guess Host Dish Judges Score Total Score After Each Round
1 Macau Chef David Wong African Chicken Chef David Wong

Chef David Lai

Giselle Lam

Nicholas Tse: 22

David Rocco: 21

Nicholas Tse: 22

David Rocco: 21

2 Shunde, District Chef Steven Liu Stuffed Mud Carp Chef Steven Liu

Wu Sufen

Lee Zhaoji

Nicholas Tse: 24

David Rocco: 23

Nicholas Tse: 46

David Rocco: 45

3 Manila, Philippines Chef Bruce Lim Sinigang Chef Bruce Lim

Chef Bruce Ricketts

Maureen Wroblewitz

Nicholas Tse: 22

David Rocco: 24

Nicholas Tse: 68

David Rocco: 68

4 Ipoh, Malaysia Chef Wan Rendang Tok Chef Wan

Chef Boon

Ili Sulaiman

Nicholas Tse: 24

David Rocco: 23

Nicholas Tse: 92

David Rocco: 91

5 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Bobby Chinn Nasi Lemak


Bubur Cha Cha

Bobby Chinn

Chef Rodolpe Onno

Anis Nabilah

Nicholas Tse: 23

David Rocco: 21

40 People Votes

Nicholas Tse: 23 votes

David Rocco: 17 votes

Final Score

Nicholas Tse: 138 (Winner)

David Rocco: 129


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