Celblok H (working title Wentworth) is the Dutch adaptation of Wentworth, the Australian drama series about a women's prison divided in two camps. The series, produced by Willem Zijlstra, was broadcast at SBS 6 between March 3, 2014 and March 27, 2017. The last twenty episodes are original scripts.


Suzanne Kramer (Suus for intimacy) is a hairdresser sent to prison for her failed attempt to kill her abusive husband. Lex Holt and Freddie Hendriks are fighting for leadership, and choosing middle-ground is no option. Suus struggles to make the right decision; she murders Holt and gets isolated for three months. Freddie becomes the new topdog while the new directress, Agnes Binkhorst, appears to have a hidden agenda; ending the drug-schemes by any means necessary. Suus has her revenge on Lex' son Dylan because he killed her daughter; she gets life but also the respect of the other inmates, including Freddie who steps down to train as a lawyer. The novelty of being a topdog eventually wears off; Suus realises she's in deep trouble. Binkhorst wants to get of her because she's been used. An attempt to burn down the place leads to her own imprisonment; Binkhorst joins forces with Caat Bergsma, an angry feminist who succeeded in murdering Suus' husband. Meanwhile her trial is suspended because none of the testifiers chose to appear in court. Suus manages to get Binkhorst framed after all, but gives her own life in the process.