Ceantar na nOileán

Ceantar na nOileán is an Irish-speaking district in the West of County Galway. There are about 2,000 people living in the area, located 56 km west of Galway city.

In 2016, 71.7% (1,474) of the population aged 3 years and over spoke Irish daily outside the education system.[1]

The islands are connected by a bridge to the mainland. The main islands are Leitir Móir, Garmna and Leitir Mealláin. The area is rich in Irish language and culture.[2]


Tourism and fishing are the main sources of revenue. The land is poor and the people have always had a strong bond with sea.[tone] Seaweed farming was important in the past on all of the islands especially for the production of iodine.

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