Cavan Borough (Parliament of Ireland constituency)

Cavan was a constituency represented in the Irish House of Commons from 1611 to 1800.

Former borough constituency
for the Irish House of Commons
CountyCounty Cavan
1611 (1611) (1611 (1611))–1801 (1801)
Replaced byDisfranchised

Between 1725 and 1793 Catholics and those married to Catholics could not vote.



This constituency was the borough of Cavan in County Cavan.



It returned two members to the Parliament of Ireland from 1611 to 1800. In the Patriot Parliament of 1689 summoned by King James II, Cavan Borough was represented by two members.[1] The borough was disenfranchised under the terms of the Acts of Union 1800. £15,000 in compensation was divided between Theophilus Clements and Thomas Nesbitt.[2]

Members of Parliament, 1611–1801

Election First member First party Second member Second party
1613 Hugh Culme George Seaton
1614 Walter Brady Thomas Brady
1634 Brockhill Taylor Alan Cooke
1639 Alan Cooke Edward Lake (expelled 1640)
Interregnum Irish MPs sat in the Parliament of the Protectorate
1661 William Moore Thomas Ashe
1689 Patriot Parliament Philip Og O'Reilly Hugh Reily
1692 Thomas Ashe Robert Saunders
1709 Joseph Addison
1713 Charles Lambart Theophilus Clements
1715 Thomas Nesbitt
1729 Henry Clements
1745 Robert Clements
1747 Edward Weston
1750 Cosby Nesbitt
1761 Nathaniel Clements[a]
1768 Thomas Nesbitt
1769 Henry Theophilus Clements
1776 Nathaniel Clements[b]
1777 John Clements
1783 Henry Theophilus Clements
1790 Lord Charles James FitzGerald
1798 Viscount Clements[c]
1798 George Cavendish
1801 Disenfranchised
  1. ^ Also elected for County Leitrim in 1768, for which he chose to sit.
  2. ^ Also elected for Carrick in 1776, for which he chose to sit.
  3. ^ Also elected for County Leitrim in 1798, for which he chose to sit.


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