Cavalry (1936 Italian film)

Cavalry (Italian: Cavalleria) is a 1936 Italian drama film directed by Goffredo Alessandrini and starring Amedeo Nazzari, Elisa Cegani and Luigi Carini. The film marked Nazzari's first role as a lead actor, after making his film debut the previous year. It was a box office success and established some of his personal traits that would be brought out even more clearly in his breakthrough role Luciano Serra, Pilot (1938).[1]

Directed byGoffredo Alessandrini
Written bySalvatore Gotta
Oreste Biancoli
Fulvio Palmieri
Aldo Vergano
StarringAmedeo Nazzari
Elisa Cegani
Luigi Carini
Mario Ferrari
Music byEnzo Masetti
CinematographyVáclav Vích
Edited byGiorgio Simonelli
Distributed byLux Film
Release date
23 October 1936
Running time
88 minutes


Umberto Solaro, a young cavalry officer, falls in love with a Piedmont Count's daughter. They develop a romantic attachment, but she marries an Austrian baron under family pressure. After his horse dies in an accident during a completion, Solaro transfers into the newly formed Italian Air Force. He falls heroically in combat during the First World War.



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