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the 911 attacks were perpirtated by your own governing(bush) bodies and your multi corperate institutions.unfortunately so many,ie most of the united states,has such a short memory,cast your memoeries back to the illfated attempts of g.w.bush senior in the early 90's in his attempt to secure oil resources for your countries future.your all so willing to accept the theory the a radical muslim conducted these attacks. was this guy actually working hand in hand with your government??? why hasnt this so called mad man not been found with all the advanced technology and billions of dollars thrown into his capture,what your military and all its resourses cant find a guy hiding in a cave? it doesnt make any sense. its all to easy for a governing body to point the fingure at whom ever they need to to keep things off the publics radar. the scope of what happened that day will never come to light,because there was so much more at stake!the buildings surrounding the twin towers that were also demolised housed some of the most sensitive imformation known to (some men)man. there are so many descrponcies with your governments investigations into and precceding the event that even your down and out bums of the street have a better understsnding of what really happened and who was really own cia blew up a bar in bali to get our government to go along with your stupid motion on a war on terrorism.f.f.s.blind freddy can work it out yet you yanks cant accept the fact that it was all perpitated by your own peolpe. oil and its power to generate power over all sectors of society is at stake here nothing else.and you dont have it so they will steal it from wherevr they can,makes sense that they target the biggest deposits in the world... take it out of the equation and what have you power to do limited things,its no wonder that nations of a perticular religion which holds no importance to what the western world sees as the be all to self existance has become the pawn in your greatest struggle which is self importance.. get a grip on yourselves. who is god what is god what is a religous belief?????????bush's christian fundinetalists?? your all deluded by the multi nation companies that tell you via all forms of the media what is good and what is bad,you must have this and you cant believe in that.. wake up america you dont have a clue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --Jpb123 17:06, 5 July 2006 (UTC)jpb123