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This category lists members of the subtribe Hominina, which includes humans, including all early human fossils classified in the genus Homo beginning roughly 2 million years ago. Our species of Homo sapiens and its inner-species variability forms a true sub-category of this one, covering about 0.2 million years, or the latter 10% of "humans" in the taxonomical sense.

The taxon "Hominina" is not used by all paleoanthropologists as it is functionally equivalent with the "Homo" genus; this category for practical reasons doubles as the "Homo (genus)" category, equivalent to the "human" category in taxonomical terms (while Category:Humans has the much wider scope of human society and culture etc.)

It is a true subcategory of Category:Hominini taxonomically which includes related fossils outside of Homo back to about 6 million years ago.


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