Castellaccia is a village in Tuscany, central Italy, administratively a frazione of the comune of Gavorrano, province of Grosseto. At the time of the 2001 census its population amounted to 79.[1]

The former railway in Castellaccia
The former railway in Castellaccia
Castellaccia is located in Italy
Location of Castellaccia in Italy
Coordinates: 42°55′23″N 11°1′34″E / 42.92306°N 11.02611°E / 42.92306; 11.02611Coordinates: 42°55′23″N 11°1′34″E / 42.92306°N 11.02611°E / 42.92306; 11.02611
Country Italy
Region Tuscany
ProvinceGrosseto (GR)
24 m (79 ft)
 • Total101
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code

Castellaccia is about 22 km from Grosseto and 15 km from Gavorrano, and it is situated in the plain below the hill of Giuncarico, along the road to the town of Ribolla. The centre of the village is the court of the old Farm of Castellaccia.

Main sightsEdit

  • Chapel of Sant'Oliva, little church situated next to the main villa of the old farm.
  • Villa Benini, manor house of the Farm of Castellaccia, it was restructured in 1910.[2]
  • Poggio Pelliccia: located in the countryside near the village, it's an ancient archeological site with a monumental Etruscan tomb, dating back to the 7th century BC, probably burial of an aristocratic family from the nearby Vetulonia.[3]


The village is crossed by the Giuncarico-Ribolla railway line, now closed and used only for the transportation of gravel from the quarry of Bartolina.


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