Carrickfergus (Parliament of Ireland constituency)

Carrickfergus was a constituency represented in the Irish House of Commons from 1326 to 1800, the house of representatives of the Kingdom of Ireland.

Former county borough constituency
for the Irish House of Commons
CountyCounty Antrim
Former constituency
Created1326 (1326)
Replaced byCarrickfergus

Boundaries and Boundary ChangesEdit

This constituency was the county borough of Carrickfergus in County Antrim. It returned two members to the Parliament of Ireland to 1800.


In the Patriot Parliament of 1689 summoned by King James II, Carrickfergus was not represented.[1] Following the Acts of Union 1800, the county borough retained one parliamentary seat in the United Kingdom House of Commons.

Members of Parliament, 1326–1801Edit

Election First member First party Second member Second party
1559 James Wingfield Humphrey Warren
1585 Edward Waterhouse Thomas Stevenson
1613 Thomas Hibbotts[a] Humphrey Johnson
1634 Henry Upton
1640 Sir William Sambach John Davys
1654–1660 Commonwealth - See Carrickfergus and Belfast (constituency)
1661 Sir Hercules Davys Arthur Upton[2]
1689 Carrickfergus was not represented in the Patriot Parliament
1692 Henry Clements Henry Davis
1695 Hercules Davys
1703 Edward Lyndon
1709 Alexander Denton
1713 John Davys Arthur Davys
1715 Alexander Dalway Archibald Edmonstone
1719 Edward Lyndon
1727 Arthur Dobbs John Lyndon
October 1741 Francis Clements[b]
December 1741 Arthur Upton
1761 Marriot Dalway
1768 John Chichester Conway Richard Dobbs
1776 Barry Yelverton Patriot
1784 Waddell Cunningham[c]
1785 Ezekiel Davys Wilson
1790 Alexander Hamilton
1797 Lord Spencer Stanley Chichester[d]
1798 Earl of Belfast
1799 Noah Dalway
1801 Succeeded by the Westminster constituency Carrickfergus
  1. ^ Knighted in 1618.
  2. ^ Declared not duly elected in 1741.
  3. ^ Declared not duly elected in 1784.
  4. ^ Also elected for Belfast in 1797, for which he chose to sit.


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