Carnedd Gwenllian

Carnedd Gwenllian (named Y Garnedd Uchaf before 2009) is a minor summit of the Carneddau range in Snowdonia, Wales, and included in the Welsh 3000s. From the summit, distant views to the north can extend as far as Ireland and the Isle of Man, and to the South as far as the Berwyn Ranges.

Carnedd Gwenllian
Carnedd Gwenllian.jpg
Rocky summit of Carnedd Gwenllian looking South-southwest across the Carneddau
Highest point
Elevation925 m (3,035 ft)
Prominence33 m (108 ft)
Parent peakFoel-fras
ListingHewitt, Welsh 3000s, Nuttall, Furth
Language of nameWelsh
PronunciationWelsh: [ˈɡarnɛð ɡwenˈɬ]
LocationSnowdonia, Wales
OS gridSH687669
Listed summits of Carnedd Gwenllian
Name Grid ref Height Status
Bera Bach 807 m (2,648 ft) sub Hewitt, Nuttall, Furth

It lies between Foel Fras and Foel Grach, but is not always included in the Welsh 3000s, as its summit rises only slightly above the ridge. However, it is classed as a Hewitt. Its slopes, like all those in the northern Carneddau, are largely grassy, although they are steep. The slopes can receive significant accumulations of snow-drifts during blizzards in winter. In the past, snow beds have survived on the mountain as far as June. The annual average temperature on Y Garnedd Uchaf is relatively cold, ranging between 4-5 degrees Celsius.[1]

For some years there was a campaign by the Princess Gwenllian Society to have the name of this peak changed from Y Garnedd Uchaf to Carnedd Gwenllian.[2] Gwenllian of Wales (1282–1337) was the only daughter of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd. After her father's death, she was held in a nunnery at Sempringham in Lincolnshire until she died. In September 2009, the summit was renamed Carnedd Gwenllian,[3] and the Ordnance Survey agreed to use the dual name Carnedd Uchaf/Carnedd Gwenllian on its maps from 2010 onwards.[4]


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Coordinates: 53°10′59″N 3°57′59″W / 53.18295°N 3.96630°W / 53.18295; -3.96630