Carlos Miguel Fitz-James Stuart, 14th Duke of Alba

Carlos Miguel Fitz-James Stuart y Silva, 14th Duke of Alba, GE (19 May 1794 – 7 October 1835) was a Spanish aristocrat.[1]

Carlos Miguel Fitz-James Stuart
Duke of Alba (more)
Carlos Miguel Fitz-James Stuart, XIV Duque de Alba.jpg
Born19 May 1794
Madrid, Spain
Died7 October 1835(1835-10-07) (aged 41)
Sion, Switzerland
Noble familyHouse of FitzJames
Spouse(s)Rosalia de Ventimiglia
Jacopo Stuart-FitzJames, 8th Duke of Liria y Xerica
Enrique FitzJames-Stuart y Ventimiglia, Count of Galve
Luis Fernando FitzJames-Stuart y Ventimiglia
FatherJacobo Fitz-James Stuart, 5th Duque de Liria y Jérica
MotherMaria Teresa Fernandez de Silva y de Palafóx


Born in Madrid, Spain, in 1794, he was a descendant of James FitzJames, 1st Duke of Berwick and through him, the exiled King James II of England & VII of Scotland. He was the second surviving son of the 5th Duke of Berwick and inherited that family's titles on his elder brother the 6th Duke's death in 1795. He was also a Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece of Spain.

In 1819, he married the Italian noblewoman Rosalía Ventimiglia di Grammonte y Moncada (Palermo, 1798–1868).[2] from the Ventimiglia, Princes of Grammonte, in Palermo. He became the 14th Duke of Alba in 1802 following the death of the childless 13th Duchess of Alba — he thus became a Grandee of Spain on ten counts.

The 14th Duke of Alba's wife, Rosalía Ventimiglia y Moncada (1798–1868). Sculpture by Lorenzo Bartolini (1777–1850), Madrid, Fundación Casa de Alba, Palacio de Liria.

They had three children :

This title of Count of Galve was awarded by the first time in 1557. This title came back not to Enrique's nephew Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart, 15th Duke of Alba, deceased 1881, but to the 16th Duke of Alba since 1881, Jacobo's oldest son Carlos María Fitz-James Stuart, 16th Duke of Alba.

  • Luis Fernando FitzJames-Stuart y Ventimiglia.

Carlos Miguel Fitz-James Stuart died aged 41 on 7 October 1835, in Sion, Switzerland, and was succeeded as Duke of Alba on that year by his eldest son.

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Carlos Miguel Fitz-James Stuart was a direct descendant of the King James II of England through his illegitimate son James FitzJames, 1st Duke of Berwick by his mistress Arabella Churchill.


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Spanish nobility
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María Cayetana de Silva
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Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart
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