Carlos Alvarado-Larroucau

Carlos Alvarado-Larroucau is an Argentine-born French author, born in Argentina in 1964.

Carlos Alvarado-Larroucau
Alvarado-Larroucau portrait, ca 2007, at Tucumán.
Alvarado-Larroucau portrait, ca 2007, at Tucumán.
Tucumán, Argentina
OccupationWriter, poet, essayist, professor
NationalityFrench - Argentine
Literary movementFrancophone literature


After Alvarado-Larroucau completed his secondary education in the province of Tucumán, he settled in Buenos Aires, where he studied languages, philosophy and law. He further pursued his studies for many years in Canada, USA and France.

He holds a doctorate degree in French Language and Literature from Paris 8 University. He graduated with honors in Comparative Literature and French Literature at the University of Montreal, Canada, having obtained a fellowship from the Ministry of Education of Quebec. He earned a diploma with honors from Florida International University in the United States, and the Sorbonne University and Paris 8 University in France.

He lectures at several universities and colleges in Argentina and publishes on literature in specialized media. He has been a visiting professor at other worldwide universities. He is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, International PEN, PEN of Algeria, of the "Gens de Lettres de Paris" and other academic, literature, cultural and social institutions.

Alvarado-Larroucau is a specialist in Francophone literature of Argentina, the Maghreb, Mashrek, and Africa. He has published in Spanish and French, and is considered an Argentinean Francophone author.

Alvarado-Larroucau and students, Miami.

He participates in the French Heritage Language Program, which is designed to support and enrich the teaching and learning of French language, literature, and culture for students of Francophone background. FHLP is a program of the French American Cultural Exchange, with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York and the French Embassy in the U.S.

At present he translates the French poetry of Etel Adnan and Samira Negrouche, and conducts research on francophone Latin American literature. And he is working on a poetic performance with Natalia Grima, pianist.


  • 1999: "Fleur de Lys" of the French Society of Huguenots of Florida.
  • 2003: First Prize, Diploma of Honor, in the contest "Petits Poèmes en Prose" of La Sorbonne.
  • 2008: Honorable Mention of the SADE (Sociedad Argentina de Escritores), Sade Calchaquies Valley chapter. Best book of poems published in Tucumán in 2007 for his book Con Tinta de amapolas
  • 2008: Menzione d'onore, Città di Voghera. Honorable Mention of the city of Voghera, Comune di Voghera, (Italy), for his article "Ernesto Nava", published in the book Italianos en Tucumán, Historias de vida.

Comments on his workEdit

About his poetry, Argentinian Professor Adrian Baró stated:

It would be impossible not to find in the poetry of Alvarado, some echoes some that are unique to the French literature he studies. Like other French-speaking writers, he has exchanged ideas intimately with the great Gallic poets like Saint-John Perse, Max Jacob and Mallarmé; and absorbed a certain amount of unavoidable melancholy reading Proust. In Alvarado work there is a certain lyricism inherited from romanticism "that never stops". […] In his work there is an aspiration to achieve a powerful synthesis, evoking an inside atmosphere from the mere observation of the simple things in the manner of Rilke, and this is visible in several of his poems such as in "what trivial: the perfect, the fleeting: the eternal ". The poet says to all "Tucumán", and so is his word, his utterance is loaded with nuances of his country, with some way to express itself to the whole region of northwest Argentina. Doubtless the poet knows the works of poets tucumanos Pablo Rojas Paz, Omar Estrella and Ariadna Chaves, among others. His verse, like that of the poets of his land, is carefree adjectives as austere as accurate.

— Published in Diario Central de Poesía, San Isidro, Buenos Aires, December 2007.


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Anthologies and joint worksEdit

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Articles and academic textsEdit


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On TV:

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