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Carbonized were a Swedish death metal band formed 1988 in Saltsjöbaden. The band was formed by Lars Rosenberg in 1988, with Dismember vocalist Matti Kärki. Joined by drummer Piotr Wawrzeniuk, the trio was completed by Therion's Christofer Johnsson, who originally agreed to only perform session guitarwork but eventually became a full-time member.

From left: Piotr Wawrzeniuk, Christofer Johnsson, Lars Rosenberg
Background information
OriginSaltsjöbaden, Sweden
GenresTechnical death metal
Progressive metal
Progressive rock
Avant-garde metal
Years active1988–1996
LabelsThrash, Foundation 2000
Associated actsTherion, Born of Fire, Carnage, Crematory, Damnation, Dark Funeral, Demonoid, Dismember, Entombed, Excruciate, Furcas, General Surgery, Liers in Wait, Mental Distortion, Messiah, Monastery, Monev, Morpheus, Murder Squad, Mykorrhiza, Procreation, Serpent, Unanimated
MembersChristofer Johnsson
Lars Rosenberg
Piotr Wawrzeniuk
Past membersSee: Former member listing

The band never officially split up, but stopped being active after recording the Screaming Machines album in 1994 (released 1996).


Quite different from anything that any of the members would become involved in later, the three albums ran the gamut from psychedelic infused grindcore on For The Security to discordant jazz-metal weirdness on Disharmonization to something apparently stranger and more avant-garde on Screaming Machines, and described as "the worst of Sonic Youth, Syd Barret era Pink Floyd, old Black Flag, and Voivod" by Christofer Johnsson. Both Rosenberg and Wawrzeniuk were featured on a few Therion albums through Christofer Johnsson, and they also paired up in the doom band Serpent.

Band membersEdit

Current membersEdit

Former membersEdit

  • Matti Kärki – vocals
  • Jonas Derouche – vocals, guitar
  • Markus Rüdén – drums
  • Stefan Ekström – guitar
  • Per Ax – drums
  • Henrik Brynolfsson – guitar


Studio albumsEdit


  • "No Canonization" (1990)




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