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The Capture of Baghdad occurred on 14 January 1624, which was part of the ongoing war between Shah Abbas I against Sultan Murad IV.

Capture of Baghdad
Part of Ottoman–Safavid War (1623–1639)
Date14 January 1624
Baghdad aftermath: Mosul and Kirkuk

Coordinates: 33°19′30″N 44°25′19″E / 33.325°N 44.422°E / 33.325; 44.422
  • Decisive Safavid victory
  • Recapture of Baghdad (after 90 years)
Safavid Empire  Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Abbas I
Qarachaqay Khan
Ottoman Empire Murad IV
Ottoman Empire Hassan Pasha 
Ottoman Empire Bakersoo Bashi 
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

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  • Blow, David (2009). Shah Abbas: The Ruthless King Who Became an Iranian Legend. I. B. Tauris. p. 133. ISBN 978-1845119898. (...) managed to break into the city on the evening of 12 January 1624, and two days later Baghdad was in Safavid hands.
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