Cao Rui (Prince of Beihai)

Cao Rui (died 13 June 233)[a] was a prince in the state of Cao Wei in the Three Kingdoms period of China. He was a son of Cao Pi, the first emperor of Wei. His mother, whose family name was Pan (潘), was a concubine of Cao Pi holding the rank of shuyuan (淑媛; translated "Decent Concubine").[2] He was enfeoffed as the Prince of Yangping County (陽平縣王) in 226 after his half-brother, Cao Rui (曹叡; note the different character for Rui), succeeded their father as the emperor of Wei (with the posthumous title of "Emperor Ming of Wei"). In 232, his title was changed to Prince of Beihai (北海王). He died in 233 and had no offspring.[3]

Cao Rui
Prince of Beihai (北海王)
Tenure232 – 13 June 233
SuccessorCao Zan
Prince of Yangping County (陽平縣王)
Tenure3 August 226 – 232
Died(233-06-13)13 June 233[a]
Family name: Cao (曹)
Given name: Rui (蕤)
Posthumous name
Prince Dao (悼王)
HouseHouse of Cao
FatherCao Pi
MotherLady Pan

In 234, Since Cao Rui (曹蕤) had no descendants, Emperor Ming designated Cao Zan (曹贊), a descendant of Cao Ju, as (deceased) Cao Rui's heir and enfeoffed him as the Duke of Chang District (昌鄉公). In 238, Cao Zan was promoted to Prince of Rao'an (饒安王). In 246, during the reign of Cao Fang, Cao Zan's title was changed to Prince of Wen'an (文安王). Throughout the reigns of the subsequent Wei emperors, the number of taxable households in Cao Zan's princedom increased until it reached 3,500.[4]

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  1. ^ a b The Sanguozhi recorded that Cao Rui (Prince of Beihai) died on the wuyin day of the 5th month of the 1st year of the Qinglong era of Cao Rui's reign.[1] This date corresponds to 13 June 233 in the Gregorian calendar.


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