Canjuers is a calcareous plateau and a military camp in Provence located in southeastern France. It’s the largest military camp in Continental Europe.

Grand Plan : Grande Nouguière cave


Situated in the département of the Var in the Prealps of Castellane, on the south of the Verdon Gorge and to the north of Draguignan.

With a median altitude of 800 m, the Plan of Canjuers is a desertic and arid plateau.


Its name comes from Campus Julii: the "Julius Camp". Julius Caesar installed a campment in the area before the conquest of Gaul.

The region surrounding the plateau has been occupied by the Army since 1970. The Canjuers Camp [fr] is the largest military camp in Europe, covering 350 km2. Many farms and hamlets have been evacuated and abandoned.

Coordinates: 43°42′30″N 6°18′30″E / 43.70833°N 6.30833°E / 43.70833; 6.30833