Canadian National Time Trial Championships

Svein Tuft
The champion's jersey

Governed by Cycling Canada Cyclisme, the Canadian National Time Trial Championship is a road bicycle race that takes place inside the Canadian National Cycling Championship, and decides the best cyclist in this type of race.

The first edition of the Canadian National Time Trial Championships took place in 1997. The first race winner of the time trial championship was Eric Wohlberg in 1997. Svein Tuft is the All-Time Canadian record holder for the most wins in the event with 10 wins. The women's record is held by Clara Hughes with 5 National Titles.

The current men champion of the race is Svein Tuft of Orica-Scott while Karol-Ann Canuel of Boels Dolmans Cycling Team is the current women champion.



Year Gold Silver Bronze
1997 Eric Wohlberg Brian Walton Jacques Landry
1998 Eric Wohlberg Brian Walton Jacques Landry
1999 Eric Wohlberg Brian Walton Peter Wedge
2000 Eric Wohlberg Andrew Randell Min Van Velzen
2001 Eric Wohlberg Svein Tuft Roland Green
2002 Eric Wohlberg Alexandre Cloutier Svein Tuft
2003 Eric Wohlberg Svein Tuft Jean-François Laroche
2004 Svein Tuft Eric Wohlberg Darko Ficko
2005 Svein Tuft Eric Wohlberg Ryder Hesjedal
2006 Svein Tuft Ryder Hesjedal Eric Wohlberg
2007 Ryder Hesjedal Svein Tuft Zachary Bell
2008 Svein Tuft Ryan Roth Zachary Bell
2009 Svein Tuft Christian Meier Zachary Bell
2010 Svein Tuft Zachary Bell Ryan Roth
2011 Svein Tuft Christian Meier David Veilleux
2012 Svein Tuft Christian Meier Aaron Fillion
2013 Curtis Dearden Christian Meier Zachary Bell
2014 Svein Tuft Hugo Houle Ryan Roth
2015 Hugo Houle Ryan Roth Christian Meier
2016 Ryan Roth Alexander Cataford Svein Tuft
2017 Svein Tuft Nigel Ellsay Rob Britton


Year Gold Silver Bronze
2003 Dominique Rollin Chris Isaac Martin Gilbert
2004 Dominique Rollin Zachary Bell Jeff Sherstobitoff
2005 Christian Meier Ryan Roth Bradley Fairall
2006 David Veilleux Christian Meier Ryan Morris
2007 David Veilleux Christian Meier Bradley Fairall
2008 David Veilleux Bryson Bowers Garrett "G-man" McLeod
2009 David Veilleux Ryan Anderson Cody Campbell
2010 Hugo Houle Guillaume Boivin Jordan Cheyne
2011 Hugo Houle Rémi Pelletier-Roy Matteo Dal-Cin
2012 Hugo Houle David Boily Rémi Pelletier-Roy
2013 Alexander Cataford Antoine Duchesne Matteo Dal-Cin
2014 Kris Dahl Nigel Elsay Peter Disera
2015 Alexander Cataford Adam De Vos Emile Jean
2016 Alexander Cowan Jack Burke Adam Roberge



Year Gold Silver Bronze
1995 Clara Hughes Susan Palmer-Komar Jennifer Morwen-Smith
1996 Linda Jackson Anne Samplonius Jennifer Morwen-Smith
1997 Linda Jackson Annie Gariepy Lyne Bessette
1998 Linda Jackson Anne Samplonius Andrea Hannos
1999 Clara Hughes Anne Samplonius Lyne Bessette
2000 Clara Hughes Geneviève Jeanson Leah Goldstein
2001 Lyne Bessette Geneviève Jeanson Leah Goldstein
2002 Geneviève Jeanson Leah Goldstein Lyne Bessette
2003 Lyne Bessette Geneviève Jeanson Manon Jutras
2004 Susan Palmer-Komar Lyne Bessette Merrill Collins
2005 Susan Palmer-Komar Geneviève Jeanson Felicia Gómez
2006 Alex Wrubleski Anne Samplonius Jessica Spence
2007 Anne Samplonius Lyne Bessette Leigh Hobson
2008 Anne Samplonius Julie Beveridge Alex Wrubleski
2009 Tara Whitten Anne Samplonius Laura Brown
2010 Julie Beveridge Anne Samplonius Tara Whitten
2011 Clara Hughes Tara Whitten Rhae Shaw
2012 Clara Hughes Rhae Shaw Julie Beveridge
2013 Joëlle Numainville Anika Todd Jasmin Glaesser
2014 Leah Kirchmann Jasmin Glaesser Anika Todd
2015 Karol-Ann Canuel Jasmin Glaesser Leah Kirchmann
2016 Tara Whitten Karol-Ann Canuel Joelle Numainville
2017 Karol-Ann Canuel Leah Kirchmann Sara Poidevin

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