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The Canadian Journal of Philosophy is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal of philosophy that was established in 1971 by John King-Farlow, Kai Nielsen, T.M. Penelhum, and W.W. Rozeboom. It is published by the University of Calgary Press. Besides the regular issues, a supplementary volume is produced once per year consisting of invited papers on a particular philosophical topic.

Canadian Journal of Philosophy  
Edited byMichael Stingl
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Can. J. Philos.
ISSN0045-5091 (print)
1911-0820 (web)
OCLC no.1553152

Notable articlesEdit

Some of the most notable articles[according to whom?] published in the journal are (in date order):

  • "Legal Paternalism" (1974) - Joel Feinberg
  • "Counterfactuals and Possible Worlds" (1974) - Jonathan Bennett
  • "The Representative Theory of Perception" (1975) - Barry Maund
  • "The Nature of Laws" (1977) - Michael Tooley
  • "Modifiers and Quantifiers in Natural Language" (1980) - Terence Parsons
  • "Misinformation" (1989) - Peter Godfrey-Smith
  • "The Ontology of Complex Systems" (1994) - William C. Wimsatt
  • "Breaking Up: An Essay on Secession" (1994) - David Gauthier
  • "Are Thought Experiments Just What You Thought?" (1996) - John D. Norton

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