Campur Formation

The Campur Formation (Kca) is a geologic formation of the Petén Basin of northern Guatemala. The subtidal limestone preserves fossils dating back to the Late Cretaceous period.[1]

Campur Formation
Stratigraphic range: Turonian-Maastrichtian
UnderliesPetén Group: Sepur Formation
OverliesCobán Formation
OtherDolomite, conglomerate, siltstone
Coordinates16°00′N 90°30′W / 16.0°N 90.5°W / 16.0; -90.5Coordinates: 16°00′N 90°30′W / 16.0°N 90.5°W / 16.0; -90.5
Approximate paleocoordinates24°12′N 80°06′W / 24.2°N 80.1°W / 24.2; -80.1
RegionAlta Verapaz, Petén
Country Guatemala
ExtentPetén Basin
Type section
Named forCampur
Named byVinson
Year defined1962
Campur Formation is located in Guatemala
Campur Formation
Campur Formation (Guatemala)


The formation consists of fossiliferous limestones with minor levels of dolomites. The formation is rich in rudists and milliolids.[2] Breccias and clayey conglomerates, siltstones and limestones occur in the formation. The formation was probably deposited in a fore-reef environment in an open shelf system.[3] The lower boundary of the Campur Formation is transitional into the underlying Cobán Formation. The formation is overlain by the Sepur Formation of the Petén Group.[4] The Campur Formation is laterally equivalent with the upper part of the Ixcoy Formation of western Guatemala.[5]

Fossil contentEdit

The following fossils have been uncovered from the formation:[6][7]

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