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Cally-Jo Pothecary (born 20 April 1989, Southampton, United Kingdom) is a British fine artist and tattoo artist. Her tattoo projects have been featured in magazines and advertising campaigns, and she has created tattoos for multiple celebrities, including singer Rihanna and actress Sienna Miller.[1]

Cally-Jo Pothecary.jpg
Cally-Jo Pothecary

(1989-04-20) 20 April 1989 (age 30)
OccupationTattoo artist, fine artist, television personality
WebsiteOfficial site


Early lifeEdit

Cally-Jo was born on 20 April 1989 and grew up in Shirley, England.[2] She studied fine art painting at Winchester School of Art, graduating in 2011.[2] Cally-Jo began to tattoo in 2012.[1]


In 2012 Cally-Jo was offered a job at Love Hate Social Club, London.[3] After this Cally-Jo worked with tattoo artist Lal Hardy at New Wave Tattoo Studio in North London.[3]

She collaborated with Lal Hardy to create a winged vintage microphone design on limited editions of the One (M8) phone, which were awarded to finalists at the British MOBO music awards.[4]

In October 2013, Cally-Jo traveled to the Dominican Republic to create a mehendi-style tattoo on singer Rihanna's hand.[2]

Cally-Jo was a participant in the gallery The 100 Hands Project,[5] an exhibition presented at the National Maritime Museum in Cornwall, UK. The exhibition shows about 100 silicone hands tattooed by 100 tattoo artists who work in England.[6]

In 2016 Cally-Jo collaborated with the Coffee vs. Gangs campaign, which was founded by the coffee company Kenco. Gang tattoos are symbolic of a life of crime in Honduras, with gang members using special tattoo symbols to identify their allegiance to certain gangs. «Kenco» Ireland commissioned Cally-Jo to create an original artwork that captures the rich symbolism of tattoos, but also touches on the hopeful potential of coffee farming as an alternative to gang life.[7] This project attracted the attention of the press, as well as the visit of the Ambassador of Honduras.[8]

Cally-Jo was a cast member in Season 1 and Season 2 of the MTV British entertainment reality show Just Tattoo of Us.[5]


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