Callangate or Ccallangate is a mountain massif in the Vilcanota mountain range of the Andes in Peru.[3][4] Its highest point is Collpa Ananta[5][6][7] (possibly from Aymara and Quechua qullpa, "saltpeter"),[8][9] also known as Chimboya, with an elevation of 6,110 metres (20,046 ft).[4][5] Another peak in the massif is called Ccallangate.[5] It lies in the Cusco Region, Quispicanchi Province, Ocongate District.[7][6] Collpa Ananta is the second-highest peak in Cusco, and ranks as the 24th highest in Peru.[10][11]

Highest point
Elevation6,110 m (20,050 ft)
Prominence1,403 m (4,603 ft)[1]
Parent peakAusangate
Coordinates13°43′53″S 71°09′36″W / 13.73139°S 71.16000°W / -13.73139; -71.16000
Callangate is located in Peru
LocationCusco Region, Peru
Parent rangeAndes, Vilcanota
First ascent30 July 1957, Günther Hauser, Bernhard Kuhn (Germany)[2]

First ascentEdit

Callangate was first climbed by Germans Günther Hauser and Bernhard Kuhn on 30 July 1957.[2]


Other data from available digital elevation models: SRTM 6104 metres.[12] The height of the nearest key col is 4707 meters, leading to a topographic prominence of 1403 meters.[13] Callangate is considered a Mountain Subrange according to the Dominance System [14] and its dominance is 22.96%. Its parent peak is Ausangate and the Topographic isolation is 9.7 kilometers.[13]


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