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State Route 66 (SR 66) is a state highway in the U.S. state of California, running along the section of old U.S. Route 66 in California from La Verne east to San Bernardino, passing through Claremont, Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana and Rialto along Foothill Boulevard. In San Bernardino, it is the part of Fifth Street west of H Street (at the Interstate 215 interchange).

State Route 66 marker

State Route 66
SR 66 highlighted in red
Route information
Defined by Streets and Highways Code § 366
Maintained by Caltrans
Length 32.321 mi[1] (52.016 km)
Portions of SR 66 are not included in the length.[notes 1]
Existed 1974 (from US 66)[citation needed] – present
Major junctions
West end SR 210 in La Verne
  I-15 in Rancho Cucamonga
East end I-215 in San Bernardino
Counties San Bernardino
Los Angeles
Highway system
US 66 SR 67


Route descriptionEdit

The route begins as Foothill Boulevard at the interchange with SR 210 in the city of La Verne. SR 66 heads southeast for a few miles before entering Pomona and turning due east. The highway continues into the city of Claremont, passing by Claremont Colleges, before crossing into Upland, San Bernardino County.[2]

In Upland, SR 66 passes by Cable Airport to the south, continuing due east. The highway intersects SR 83 before entering Rancho Cucamonga, where state maintenance of SR 66 currently ends. Foothill Boulevard continues east through Rancho Cucamonga through an interchange with I-15 before entering Fontana, and passing well north of the California Speedway. Foothill Boulevard continues east into Rialto, where the SR 66 designation resumes. SR 66 continues east into San Bernardino, before curving to the north as 5th Street and terminating at I-215 south of downtown.[3]

California's legislature has relinquished state control of the segment from the Pomona–Claremont line east to the Fontana–Rialto line, and turned it over to local control.[4]

SR 66 is part of the California Freeway and Expressway System,[5] although it is neither a freeway nor an expressway. SR 66 is part of the National Highway System,[6] a network of highways that are considered essential to the country's economy, defense, and mobility by the Federal Highway Administration.[7]


As a state route, SR 66 was added to the state highway system in the 1964 state highway renumbering, from SR 30 around San Dimas to San Bernardino.[8] By 2013, the portion from east of Pomona to the eastern boundary of Rialto had been relinquished to the various cities that the route passed through.[9]

Major intersectionsEdit

Except where prefixed with a letter, postmiles were measured on the road as it was in 1964, based on the alignment that existed at the time, and do not necessarily reflect current mileage. R reflects a realignment in the route since then, M indicates a second realignment, L refers an overlap due to a correction or change, and T indicates postmiles classified as temporary (for a full list of prefixes, see the list of postmile definitions).[1] Segments that remain unconstructed or have been relinquished to local control may be omitted. The numbers reset at county lines; the start and end postmiles in each county are given in the county column.

County Location Postmile
Destinations Notes
Los Angeles
LA R0.19-5.34
La Verne R0.19 Foothill Boulevard Continuation beyond SR 210; former US 66 west
R0.19   SR 210 (Foothill Freeway) – Pasadena, San Bernardino Interchange; west end of SR 66; SR 210 exit 47
1.73 Fruit Street, White Avenue
Pomona 2.54 Garey Avenue
PomonaClaremont line 3.22   To I-10 / Towne Avenue East end of state maintenance.
Claremont 4.16 Indian Hill Boulevard
San Bernardino
SBD 0.00-23.05
Upland 0.58   To I-10 / Central Avenue
1.69 Mountain Avenue
2.78    SR 83 (Euclid Avenue) to I-10
Rancho Cucamonga 4.08 Grove Avenue
6.15 Archibald Avenue
7.33 Haven Avenue
9.80   I-15 (Ontario Freeway) – San Diego, Barstow Interchange; I-15 exit 112
10.33 Etiwanda Avenue
Fontana 12.33 Cherry Avenue
14.36 Citrus Avenue
15.37 Sierra Avenue
16.39 Alder Avenue
Rialto line
  West end of state maintenance
Rialto 19.13 Riverside Avenue
RialtoSan Bernardino line 20.14 Pepper Avenue
San Bernardino 22.41 Mount Vernon Avenue Former US 66 east
23.05   I-215 (San Bernardino Freeway) – Riverside, Barstow Interchange; east end of SR 66; former I-15E / US 91 / US 395; I-215 north exit 44A, south exit 44
23.05 5th Street - Downtown San Bernardino Continuation beyond I-215
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


  1. ^ Portions of this route have been relinquished to or are otherwise maintained by local or other governments, and are not included in the length.

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