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Rashard Bradshaw, better known as Cakes da Killa, is an American rapper. Bradshaw's debut album, Hedonism, was released in October 2016. He is based in Brooklyn, New York.

Cakes da Killa
Bradshaw performing in 2017.jpg
Bradshaw performing in 2017
Background information
Birth nameRashard Bradshaw
BornTeaneck, New Jersey, U.S.
Years active2011–present
LabelsMishka Records
Associated acts



2011: Career beginnings and Easy Bake OvenEdit

Rashard Bradshaw started rapping in high school for fun before considering it as a career. He first began writing tracks to instrumentals he found on the internet and posting them to Facebook. In 2011, his homemade demos came to the attention of an executive producer named Stixx, who invited Cakes to appear on the mixtape Downtown Mayhem Vol. 1 alongside Rip The Ruler. Bradshaw then went on to release his debut mixtape Easy Bake Oven, Vol. 1 through Stixx' Downtown Mayhem label.[1]

"I came out in the third grade. This is just me being me. People make it sound like it's controversial and revolutionary, and that's weird to me, because in hip-hop you have people glorifying negativity like killing people and not taking care of your kids -- and that should be scandalous! That should be what we talk about. An openly gay rapper shouldn’t be breaking news."

—Bradshaw on being an openly gay rapper[1]

As an emerging artist in the LGBT hip hop genre—along with fellow artists such as Le1f, Mykki Blanco, and House of Ladosha[2]—Bradshaw gained popularity through media interest in LGBT figures and themes in hip hop, having been written about in a Pitchfork article about said "movement".[3]

Bradshaw cites Remy Ma, Lil' Kim, Foxy Brown, and Cam'ron as influences.[4]

2012-13: The Eulogy and mainstream successEdit

Released for free on Mishka NYC's website, Bradshaw's second mixtape The Eulogy was released to overwhelming popularity when it was reviewed positively by Pitchfork.[5] Miles Raymer of Pitchfork compared his raunchy style to Lil' Kim and praised the production of the mixtape. According to an interview in Paper Magazine, the mixtape's title originally referred to Bradshaw's plan to end his musical career after its release, but he's since changed his mind.

In May 2013, Bradshaw completed his bachelor's degree in fashion studies at Montclair State University.[1]

In September 2013, Bradshaw released a remix EP for his hit single "I Run This Club", which samples M.I.A.'s song by the same name from her 2010 mixtape Vicki Leekx.

2014-present: Hunger Pangs,#IMF and HedonismEdit

In June 2014, Bradshaw released a nine-track mixtape titled Hunger Pangs.[6] His most recent project, released in February 2015, is #IMF; a 5 track extended play chronicling a modern-day tale of star crossed lovers from inception to resolution.[7]

In 2015 Cakes Da Killa was featured with fellow artist Jupiter Gray as a "Queer Voice Of Color". The artist was interviewed regarding his upcoming music, sexuality and whether or not the industry had been homophobic towards him.[8]

Bradshaw's new album 'Hedonism' is to come out on October 21, with a music video for 'Talkin' Greezy' (directed by Nico) on his website, and a music video for 'New Phone, Who Dis' on the Adult Swim YouTube page, released on October 12.



  • Hedonism (2016)


Title Album details Ref.
Easy Bake Oven, Vol. 1
  • Release: 21 October 2011
  • Label: Downtown Mayhem, LLC/DTM Records
  • Format: Digital download
The Eulogy
  • Release: 29 January 2013
  • Label: Mishka NYC
  • Format: Digital download
Hunger Pangs
  • Release: 18 June 2014
  • Label: Mishka NYC
  • Format: Digital download

Extended playsEdit

Title Album details Ref.
I Run This Club
  • Release: 16 September 2013
  • Label: Hot Mom USA
  • Format: Digital download
  • Release: 10 February 2015
  • Label: Mishka NYC
  • Format: Digital download

Guest appearancesEdit

List of guest appearances, with other performing artists, showing year released and album name
Title Year Original artist(s) Album Ref.
"MayDay" 2011 Rip The Ruler Downtown Mayhem Vol. 1 [12]
"Black Madonna" 2012 Big Momma Batteries Not Included [13]
"380" 2013 Mommie Dearest [14]
"Streets Talkin" Bobby Lyte$ Non-album single [15]
"Whistle" (remix) DJ Kilbourne The Club Giant Squid [16]
"Menea" P3culiar Role Play [17]
"Truth Tella" L S D X O X O S O F T C O R E
"Give It To Me" 2014 Astrolith Non-album single [18]
"Saki Bomb" Saint Muscle Memories [19]
"Bind That Bitch" L S D X O X O W H O R E C O R E [20]
"Cold Wintour" 2015 sacanagem [21]
"Hot F*ck No Love" 2016 Clipping. Wriggle [22]
"What's Goodie" 2016 Injury Reserve Floss [23]
"GTFU" 2019 Injury Reserve Injury Reserve [24]


Music videosEdit

List of music videos, showing year released and director
Title Year Director(s) Ref.
"Whistle (Beat It Up)" 2012 Alana Peters [25]
"Cuntspiracy" 2013 Sean Anthony [26]
"Goodie Goodies" Ja'Tovia Gary [27]
"I Run This Club" 2014 ZU [28]
"Truth Tella" Minister Akins [29]
"Give It To Me" (Astrolith featuring Cakes da Killa) Mark Lovato & Gella Zefira [30]
"Living Gud, Eating Gud" Jason Ano [31]
"Mixed Messages" 2015 Mark Lovato & Gella Zefira [32]
"Get 2 Werk Remix" (feat. Rye Rye) Unknown [33]
"New Phone, Who Dis?" 2016 Noah Breakfast [34]

Short filmsEdit

List of films, showing year released and director
Title Year Role Director(s) Ref.
Cakes Da Killa: NO HOMO 2014 Himself Ja'Tovia Gary [35]

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