Cabinet of Hugues-Bernard Maret

The Cabinet of Hugues-Bernard Maret was announced on 10 November 1834 by King Louis Philippe I. It replaced the Cabinet of Étienne Maurice, comte Gérard.

Cabinet of Hugues-Bernard Maret

Cabinet of France
Date formed10 November 1834
Date dissolved18 November 1834
People and organisations
Head of stateLouis Philippe I
Head of governmentHugues-Bernard Maret,
duc de Bassano
PredecessorCabinet of
Étienne Maurice Gérard
SuccessorCabinet of
Édouard Adolphe Mortier

The cabinet became known as the three-day ministry since the President of the council, Hugues-Bernard Maret, duc de Bassano resigned on 14 November 1834 following an outburst of ridicule in the press, led by the Moniteur. The cabinet was replaced on 18 November 1834 by the Cabinet of Édouard Adolphe Mortier.[1]

Ministers Edit

The cabinet was created by ordinance of 10 November 1834. The ministers were:[1]

Portfolio Holder Party
President of the Council of Ministers Hugues-Bernard Maret Centre
Minister of the Interior Hugues-Bernard Maret Centre
Minister of Justice and Worship Jean-Charles Persil Centre-right
Minister of Foreign Affairs Charles Joseph Bresson None
Minister of Finance Hippolyte Passy Centre
Minister of War Lt. General Simon Bernard None
Minister of the Navy and Colonies Charles Dupin Centre
Minister of Public Education Jean-Baptiste Teste Centre
Minister of Commerce

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