Cabinet of Fiji

The Cabinet of Fiji is a Government body of Ministers appointed by the Prime Minister of Fiji and responsible to the Parliament of Fiji. The Cabinet's constitutional basis is sections 90 to 96 of the 2013 Constitution of Fiji.[1]

Politics of Fiji
Coat of arms of Fiji.svg
Polity typeParliamentary Representative Democratic Republic
ConstitutionConstitution of Fiji
Legislative branch
NameParliament of Fiji
Presiding officerNaiqama Lalabalavu, Honorable Speaker
Executive branch
Head of State
CurrentlyWiliame Katonivere
Head of Government
TitlePrime Minister
CurrentlySitiveni Rabuka
NameCabinet of Fiji
Current cabinetCabinet of Sitiveni Rabuka
LeaderPrime Minister
Judicial branch
CourtsThe Supreme Court, The High Court, Court of Appeal, and The Magistrates Court

Cabinet consists of the Prime Minister as chair and a number of Ministers.[2] With the exception of the Attorney-General, they must be members of Parliament. Ministers hold office at the pleasure of the Prime Minister, or until they resign or cease to be MPs.[3]

The cabinet is responsible to Parliament. Ministers must provide regular reports to Parliament on their areas of responsibility and must appear before Parliament or any committee on a request to answer questions about their areas of responsibility.[4]

Prior to the 2006 Fijian coup d'état and the 2009 Fijian constitutional crisis, Fiji's Cabinet was governed by the 1997 Constitution. An unusual feature of the constitution was to require a compulsory coalition cabinet, with every political party with more than 8 seats in the 71-member parliament required to be offered a proportionate number of cabinet posts. The model was not successfully implemented for nearly a decade, with the governments of both Mahendra Chaudhry and Laisenia Qarase refusing to offer Cabinet seats to their political opponents. It was only after the 2006 election that a full multi-party Cabinet was appointed. The multi-party model was not continued in the 2013 constitution.

Current cabinetEdit

After the 2022 Fijian general elections:[5]

Portfolio Portrait Minister Party
  Sitiveni Rabuka PA
  Manoa Kamikamica PA
  Biman Prasad NFP
  • Deputy Prime Minister
  • Tourism
  • Civil Aviation
  Viliame Gavoka SODELPA
  Siromi Turaga PA
  • Home Affairs
  Pio Tikoduadua NFP
  • Employment
  • Productivity and Industrial Relations
Agni Deo Singh NFP
Ifereimi Vasu SODELPA
  • Education
  Aseri Radrodro SODELPA
  • Health and Medical Services
Atonio Lalabalavu PA
  • Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation
  Lynda Tabuya PA
  • Lands and Mineral Resource
Filimoni Vosarogo PA
  • Rural, Maritime Development and Disaster Management
  Sakiasi Ditoka PA
  • Multi-Ethnic Affairs
  • Sugar
  Charan Jeath Singh PA
  • Housing
  • Local Government
Maciu Katamotu PA
  • Fisheries
  • Forestry
Kalaveti Ravu PA
  • Communication
  • Public Works
  • Transport
Filipe Tuisawau PA
  • Youth and Sports
  Jese Saukuru PA
  • Agriculture and Waterways
Vatimi Rayalu PA


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