CROBEX is the official share index of the Zagreb Stock Exchange. As of March 2011, it includes stocks of 25 companies and is calculated continuously using the latest stock prices.[1][2] It is measured using free float market capitalization, where the weight of each individual stock is limited to 15 percent.[1]

Foundation1 September 1997
OperatorZagreb Stock Exchange
ExchangesZagreb Stock Exchange
TypeLarge cap
Related indicesCROBEX10, CROBIS


It began to be published on 1 September 1997, and the base date is 1 July 1997, when its base value was 1,000 points.[1]

For a long time, the Pliva stock was one of the main constituents of the index, before the company was sold and de-listed.

In October 2007, its value was around 5,400 points, an all-time high. By March 2009, the index dropped to 1,300 points. In the first half of 2011, it hovered around 2,200 points, falling to below 1,800 by the end of the year. In October 2016, the index broke 2,000 points, the highest level since March 2013.[3]

Inclusion criteriaEdit

Stocks have to be traded in more than 90% of the total number of trade days in the selected time period in order to be included into CROBEX. The stock ranking is determined by weighing the stock's free float market capitalization as a proportion of the total, and its traffic as a proportion of the total share traffic in the six-month time period observed.[1]

The index is revised every third Friday of March and September. The Index Commission can revise the index if the following extraordinary events happen:

  • bankruptcy or liquidation of a company, increase or decrease in the base capital of a company, takeover, merger.
  • removal of a stock listing
  • long-term suspension of trade of a stock

There are also other circumstances related to the issuer or the stock that can affect the quality of the CROBEX index that can cause the Commission to revise the index.

A special revision can happen to include a new stock in the index in case the stock, in the first 30 days since its listing date, is traded in 100% of the total number of trade days, taking into account its free float market capitalization and share of traffic.[1]


The index consists of the following 22 companies, as of the last update in November 2013:[1]

Company Headquarters ICB Sector Ticker
AD Plastik Solin Chemicals ADPL
Adris Group Rovinj Tobacco ADRS
Atlantic Group Zagreb Conglomerate ATGR
Atlantska plovidba Dubrovnik Marine transportation ATPL
Belje Darda Food products BLJE
Đuro Đaković Holding Slavonski Brod DDJH[permanent dead link]
Dalekovod Zagreb DLKV
Ericsson Nikola Tesla Zagreb Telecommunications equipment ERNT
HT Zagreb Telecommunications HT
INA Zagreb INA
INGRA Zagreb Heavy construction INGR
Končar Zagreb Industrial machinery KOEI
Valamar Adria Holding Zagreb KORF
Kraš Zagreb Food products KRAS
Ledo Zagreb Food products LEDO
Luka Rijeka Rijeka LKRI
Podravka Koprivnica Food products PODR
Petrokemija Kutina Specialty chemicals PTKM
Tehnika Zagreb THNK
Uljanik plovidba Pula ULPL
Vupik Vukovar VPIK
Zagrebačka banka Zagreb Bank ZABA

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