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Club Deportivo Logroñés, S.A.D. was a Spanish football team based in Logroño, in the autonomous community of La Rioja. Founded in 1940, it last played in Regional Preferente de La Rioja.

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Full nameClub Deportivo Logroñés, S.A.D.
GroundLas Gaunas, Logroño,
La Rioja, Spain
ChairmanJuan Hortelano
2008–093ª – Group 16, (R)

Due to financial problems, since 2009 the club has not played in any competition.[1] The club, who appeared in nine La Liga seasons, was replaced by UD Logroñés and SD Logroñés.


After Club Deportivo Logroño, the new Club Deportivo Logroñés saw the light of day after the Civil War, on 30 May 1940. Until 1950, it played in Tercera División, after which it achieved a second level promotion.

After falling short of reaching the top flight in 1952, Logroñés fluctuated between various levels of Spanish football. On 14 June 1987, already promoted Valencia CF visited Estadio Las Gaunas, and were defeated 1–0, as the Riojans gained first division rights for the first time ever.

In 1989–90, the team finished an all-time best seventh, just two points short of a UEFA Cup qualification, and would remain in the top level until 1997, save for a short return to level two in 1995–96, after it finished last the previous season with just 13 points.

After a double relegation in 1999–2000 (on the pitch and off it[2]), it quickly returned to the third level, but new and worse economic problems arose, and the club was again relegated to Tercera in July 2004.[3]

At the end of 2007–08, Logroñés returned once more to the fourth division due to its substantial salary commitments, in spite of the club's 13th-place finish in the season. Financial troubles continued into the first weeks of 2009, as only nine players took the field for its 4 January 2009 match against CD Arnedo, in protest against still overdue payments.

This was Logroñés' last match in the competition, as the side did not present itself at all for the next match, against CD Tedeón,[4] and were therefore retired from the competition, being consequently relegated to Regional Preferente de La Rioja by the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

Season to seasonEdit

Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1940/41 4th
1941/42 1ª Reg. - 1st round
1942/43 1ª Reg. -
1943/44 1st
1944/45 4th
1945/46 2nd
1946/47 3rd
1947/48 4th 4th round
1948/49 4th 1st round
1949/50 2nd
1950/51 10th
1951/52 2nd
1952/53 5th 2nd round
1953/54 10th
1954/55 5th
1955/56 16th
1956/57 17th
1957/58 3rd
1958/59 1st
1959/60 4th
1960/61 6th
1961/62 2nd
1962/63 3rd
Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1963/64 3rd
1964/65 4th
1965/66 1st
1966/67 15th 1st round
1967/68 8th
1968/69 3rd
1969/70 1st 2nd round
1970/71 15th Round of 16
1971/72 6th 5th round
1972/73 17th 5th round
1973/74 3rd 3rd round
1974/75 3rd 1st round
1975/76 2nd 1st round
1976/77 13th 1st round
1977/78 1st 1st round
1978/79 2ªB 11th 2nd round
1979/80 2ªB 10th Round of 16
1980/81 2ªB 6th 3rd round
1981/82 2ªB 5th 2nd round
1982/83 2ªB 7th 3rd round
1983/84 2ªB 2nd 2nd round
1984/85 6th 3rd round
1985/86 16th 4th round
Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1986/87 2nd Quarterfinals
1987/88 13th 4th round
1988/89 14th Round of 32
1989/90 7th 1st round
1990/91 10th Quarterfinals
1991/92 10th Quarterfinals
1992/93 15th 4th round
1993/94 16th Round of 16
1994/95 20th 3rd round
1995/96 2nd 2nd round
1996/97 22nd 3rd round
1997/98 18th 1st round
1998/99 16th 2nd round
1999/00 20th[5] 2nd round
2000/01 1st Round of 64
2001/02 2ªB 10th Round of 32
2002/03 2ªB 3rd
2003/04 2ªB 15th[5] 1st round
2004/05 3rd
2005/06 2nd
2006/07 2ªB 14th
2007/08 2ªB 13th[5]
2008/09 (R)

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