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The CBS Sunday Movie (also known at various times as the CBS Sunday Night Movie) was a weekly made-for-TV and feature film showcase series carried by CBS until the end of the 2005-06 television season, when it was replaced with drama series. It was the last of the weekly Sunday night movie showcases aired by the Big Three television networks to be canceled, outside of special event premieres and the network's previous run of the Hallmark Hall of Fame film anthology.


This is a listing of topics pertaining to CBS movies broadcast on television under various umbrella titles.[1]

  • Film Theatre of the Air (1949, Saturday; 1951 and 1953, Tuesday)
  • Premiere Playhouse (March–July 1949, Friday; 1949–1950, Saturday)
  • Budweiser Summer Theatre (1951, Saturday)
  • Schlitz Film Firsts (1951, Friday)
  • Summer Cinema (1952, Saturday)
  • The CBS Thursday Night Movies (1965–1975)
  • The CBS Friday Night Movies (1966–1977)
  • The New CBS Tuesday Night Movies (1972–1974)
  • The CBS Wednesday Night Movies (1977–1981)
  • The CBS Tuesday Night Movies (1978–1986)
  • The CBS Saturday Night Movies (1981–1986)
  • CBS Sunday Movie (1986–present)
  • CBS Tuesday Movie (1986–present)
  • CBS Wednesday Movie (1986–present)
  • The CBS Late Movie (1972–1989)
  • A CBS Special Movie Presentation (1974–present)

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