Byram Dinshawji Avari (Urdu: بیرام ڈی آواری; 1942 – 22 January 2023) was a Pakistani businessman and twice Asian Games gold medalist.[1] He was based in Karachi, Sindh and owner of Avari Hotels.

Byram D. Avari
Born1942 (1942)
Died (aged 81)
NationalityBritish Indian (till 1947)
Pakistani (1947–2023)
Occupation(s)Businessman, athlete
OrganizationAvari Group
Known forCommodore of Karachi Yacht Club in 1976 and 1980
SpouseGosphi Avari
Children2 sons, 1 daughter
AwardsPride of Performance Award for Sports (Sailing) in 1982

Business concerns Edit

Together with his sons, he owned and operated the Avari Group of companies, of which he was the chairman.[1][2]

Hotel management is the Avari Group's core business. In Pakistan, the group owns and operates Avari Hotels which include 5-star deluxe hotels in Karachi Lahore,Sargodha,Gujranwala,Faisalabad and Now Avari Gilgat the 5-star Avari Towers and the seafront Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi. The group is also actively pursuing opportunities for owning and/or managing 3 and 4-star properties elsewhere in Pakistan.[citation needed]

The Avari Group is the first Pakistani company to have obtained international hotel management contracts:[1] they operate the 200-room 4-star hotel in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and manage the 200-room Ramada Inn in Toronto at Pearson Airport in Canada.[citation needed]

Honorary Consul Edit

Avari was the Honorary Consul, or a diplomatic representative, for Canada.[1]

Sailing Edit

Avari was the Commodore of Karachi Yacht Club in 1976 and again in 1980. He was a gold medallist in 'enterprise class' yachting at the 1978 Asian Games in Bangkok with Munir Sadiq[3] and again at the 1982 Asian Games in New Delhi with his wife, Goshpi.[3] He also won a silver medal at the Enterprise World Championship held in Canada in 1978.[citation needed]

Parsi Community Edit

Avari was Chairman of the Karachi Parsi Anjuman.[4][5]

Personal life and death Edit

Avari was married to Gosphi and had two sons and a daughter.[5]

Avari died on 22 January 2023, at the age of 81.[6]

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