Bye Bye. (Nanase Aikawa song)

"Bye Bye." (バイバイ。) is a song by Nanase Aikawa from the debut album Red (1996). The track was composed by Tetsurō Oda and released as a single on 7 February 1996. It peaked at number 19 on the Oricon Singles Chart.[1]

"Bye Bye."
Single by Nanase Aikawa
from the album Red
Released7 February 1996
Songwriter(s)Tetsurō Oda
Producer(s)Tetsurō Oda
Nanase Aikawa singles chronology
"'Yumemiru Shōjō Ja Irarenai'"
"Bye Bye."
"'Like a Hard Rain'"

The song was released on the greatest hits compilation I.D. and Rock or Die.

Track listingsEdit

  1. "Bye Bye. (バイバイ。)"
  2. "Jounetsu ni Shisu (情熱に死す)"
  3. "Bye Bye. (Original Karaoke) (バイバイ。)"

Jennifer Ellison versionEdit

"Bye Bye Boy"
Single by Jennifer Ellison
Released26 July 2004 (UK)
Songwriter(s)Jem Godfrey / Bill Padley / Tetsurō Oda
Jennifer Ellison singles chronology
"Baby I Don't Care"
"Bye Bye Boy"

Jennifer Ellison covered the title track "Bye Bye Boy" in English and released it as a single in 2004. It is her second, and so far, final single. It reached number 13 on the UK charts.[2]

The music video for "Bye Bye Boy" features Ellison and an all-girl rock band. In the video Ellison dances en pointe, as she was a trained ballet dancer who won multiple championships.

In 2006, The song got minimal attention in the United States when music download programs such as Lime Wire and Bear Share would have this song on there, mislogged as Paris Hilton as the performer, fans thinking it is a track on the hotel heiress' debut album.


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