Burhanuddin Harahap Cabinet

The Burhanuddin Harahap was an Indonesian cabinet, named after the Prime Minister, that served from 11 August 1955 until 3 March 1956.

Burhanuddin Harahap Cabinet
Kabinet Burhanuddin Harahap

16th Cabinet of Indonesia
Indonesian Government (Executive Branch)
Date formed11 August 1955 (1955-08-11)
Date dissolved3 March 1956 (1956-03-03)
People and organisations
Head of stateSukarno
Head of governmentBurhanuddin Harahap
PredecessorFirst Ali Sastroamidjojo Cabinet
SuccessorSecond Ali Sastroamidjojo Cabinet

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On 19 January 1956, both ministers from the PSII, namely Second Deputy Prime Minister Harsono Tjokroaminoto and Minister of Social Affairs Soedibjo, resigned, as did both NU ministers, namely Minister of Home Affairs Soenarjo and Minister of Religious Affairs Mohammad Iljas. Sutomo also became ad interim Social Minister, Minister of Public Works and Power R. P. Soeroso also became ad interim Interior Minister and Minister of Agriculture: Mohammad Sardjan also became ad interim Religious Affairs Minister.

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