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9M730 Burevestnik

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The 9M730 Burevestnik (Russian: Буревестник; "Petrel", NATO reporting name SSC-X-9 Skyfall)[1] is a Russian nuclear-powered, nuclear-tipped cruise missile with virtually unlimited range.[2]

The missile was revealed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in his annual State of the Nation address on 1 March, 2018. [3] The Russian defense industry began developing an intercontinental-range nuclear-powered cruise missile capable of penetrating any interceptor-based missile defense system. Its capabilites are said to be a missile with unlimited range and ability to dodge missile defenses.[2] The name of the weapon was chosen by the unusual route of a public vote.[4]

The "sister" project of 'Burevestnik', the Poseidon / Kanjon nuclear torpedo / drone submarine, is built around a miniature nuclear propulsion (probably involving a steam turbine or Radioisotope thermoelectric generator, if so can be charged to a turbogenerator to provide electricity, nozzle or pumpjet can also be added and collegated) system as well. A video shows a static test of the sub, which is basically a nuclear-capable torpedo.[5]

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