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Nyonoksa, also Nenoksa[5], (Russian: Нёнокса pronounced [ˈnʲɵnəksə]) is a rural locality (a selo) under the administrative jurisdiction of Severodvinsk Town of Oblast Significance, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia. It is located at the coast of the Onega Bay of the White Sea (the Summer Coast) 19 miles (31 km) northwest of the city of Severodvinsk. The Nyonoksa railway station is 1.2 miles (1.9 km) from Nyonoksa along the Northern Railway line from Severodvinsk.


Panorama of Nyonoksa
Panorama of Nyonoksa
Location of Nyonoksa
Nyonoksa is located in Russia
Location of Nyonoksa
Nyonoksa is located in Arkhangelsk Oblast
Nyonoksa (Arkhangelsk Oblast)
Coordinates: 64°37′14″N 39°10′49″E / 64.62056°N 39.18028°E / 64.62056; 39.18028Coordinates: 64°37′14″N 39°10′49″E / 64.62056°N 39.18028°E / 64.62056; 39.18028
Federal subjectArkhangelsk Oblast
Founded1397 (Julian)Edit this on Wikidata
7 m (23 ft)
 • Urban okrugSeverodvinsk Urban Okrug[1]
Time zoneUTC+3 (MSK Edit this on Wikidata[2])
Postal code(s)[3]
164526Edit this on Wikidata
OKTMO ID11730000126


Missile testing siteEdit

Established in 1954 near Nyonoksa is “The State Central Navy Testing Range” (Russian: «Государственный центральный морской полигон») which is the main rocket launching site of the Soviet Navy and later the Russian Navy and is also called Nyonoksa.[6] Since 1965 numerous rockets of the types R-27, R-29, Rif and Gnom were launched from Nyonoksa. These rockets were prototypes for the employment on missile submarines. The launching site is located in the settlement of Sopka 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) north of the selo of Nyonoksa.[citation needed]

On 15 December 2015, an accident during a missile launch test resulted in a block of flats in the village being hit by part of a rocket. A fire broke out, but all residents were evacuated in time.[7]

2019 explosionEdit

On 8 August 2019 an explosion occurred at or near the test site killing five and injuring six (or three) people.[8][9][10] The explosion was followed by a brief spike in radiation levels.[9] According to Rosatom the explosion happened on a sea platform when a "liquid-propellant engine" was tested.[10] The people who were killed worked on an "isotope power source" for the propulsion system.[10] While Russian authorities did not disclose what the power source was intended for, some Russian media as well as U.S. President Donald Trump have linked the event to the development of the nuclear-powered cruise missile 9M730 Burevestnik, also known by its NATO reporting name as the SSC-X-9 Skyfall.[11]

Culture and recreationEdit

Nyonoksa hosts 7 objects which are protected as cultural heritage monuments at the federal level. They are grouped in two ensembles. The Nyonokotsky Pogost is one of the few surviving triple wooden church ensembles, consisting of two churches (a bigger, unheated, church used in the summer, a smaller, heated church used in the winter) and a bell-tower. The Nyonoksa churches are the St. Nicholas Church (1763) and the Trinity Church (1727). Nyonoksa was also notable for salt production. Another ensemble, the salt production complex, is neglected.[12]


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